Hyper Fast Pawnshop

CritHitd20 5442

Slight variations from my proposed decklist at the start of the week. I don't love the Stargate here due to MU issues, but I really struggle with affording to install RDIs and then capitalize on them meaningfully. I usually install it endgame because landing your Hyperdrivers in the first 6 turns does so much for giving you the win.

What I personally love about Aesosps decks is how much room for iteration there is. You can cut the Colony package for more generic econ, you can add a Data Dealer for crazy money, you can add a third Stimhack and get the RDIS back in, you can swap to burst multiaccess and add HART, you can play weirdo cards like Chisel and Knobkierie, you can even add in 3x Apoc if you want and the core still works.

This is the best runner I have found in this moment of the new meta. It sets up really fast, sustains through the midgame really well, and the average hand is of much more consistent quality than the Euler Pelangi variant.

21 Jun 2020 Pinkwarrior

It's nice to be able to play netrunner again as Shaper, no need to chose between econ and a decent decoder. The lack of currents means we can use resource based econ again also. Still think we need some more draw but a least we can spend inf on non essentials now. It's nice to see lists like this coming back and maybe even Inversificator back in the meta.

21 Jun 2020 CritHitd20

If you are concerned about draw I think you could squeeze in Diesel but I am very greedy with Pawnshop and prefer not to use it. Hyperdriver is essentially a draw 3 but you can Proco for much more value and have the time to use your cards.

22 Jun 2020 Saan

This deck just looks so comfortable. I've been having a lot of fun with ICE destruction Hoshiko, but this just feels like coming home again.

1 Jul 2020 NtscapeNavigator

Oddly I've found the opposite with RDIs and find them really nice to install, colony tricks to make them jump into play too.

It amazes me how different our decks are despite the shell being the same.

How come no tapwrm? I also notice no damage prevention, did you not find punitive to be popular now?

1 Jul 2020 CritHitd20

So regarding damage decks like Punitive and Conplete Image, I have both Imp and Stargate to delay and disrupt potential lines of kill, which helps a lot. I'm not scared of losing to Punitive given how strong this deck's economy is anyways, but if you find yourself losing to a lot of damage decks I know some players are having success with Heartbeat.

I personally consider Tapwrm less important as an influence spend than the other cards in the deck. It is a good card, and it is improved by merit of Pawnshop actually being able to reliably have trashed a program for Simulchip, but realistically I am using all of my MU and Simulchips in my games already. Again, it's not strictly a bad call but I don't find that I am short on economy when playing this deck.

RDI as a win condition is more slots and more economy for a card that does less than Stargate. If you are doing something else with your MU then that is when I would choose RDI but you weaken your matchup against kill and combo.