Dry Heave Thule (SOS)

Decksmith 205

Obviously major credits go to @santa

Ran this at SOS alongside Izzy and Shishu Core idea of the deck was that I felt Distributed Tracing wasnt enough of a threat, both with being a double AND having the requirement of a stolen agenda. Hence, I felt that I could both leverage the core ideas of barf thule, add the on demand threat of public trail hypoxia hypoxia or hypoxia end of the line, as well as have a few ice to shore up the early game. For an explanation of the intricacies of the list, please check out Santa's Barf Thule

Overall, performed well, got a bunch of early kills, including winning the prize for a 2 turn kill.

Great games everyone!

19 Nov 2023 scd

This was by far the most fun deck I saw on stream yesterday. This looks so fun!

19 Nov 2023 maninthemoon

This is awesome <3 glad to see the deck going places!

19 Nov 2023 Santa

Thule!! Love the name! 👌