2nd CoS [NO ICE!!] Barf Thule 🤮 (4-1)

Santa 1154

Tag -> Core -> Core -> Pass -> "you have zero clicks please discard down to hand size" -> End of the Line -> GG


The objective of this deck is to get the runner to 2x core, and then kill them with End of the Line + Distributed Tracing, or by sticking a tag through either Oppo + False Lead/MCA.

You can additionally threaten a score out using MCA if the runner is refusing to trash any of your assets to turn on Riot Suppression

Deck list


My favorite thing to do in any game is turn the core concepts of it upside down, which this deck does perfectly:
- Nothing quite like making a Bravado unplayable :)

I think 1-2x Ablative, and possibly Drafter could be quite good. However, the deck list simply does not have the space to play all the cards it wants already.

Riot Suppression!

This has been my personal pet card for a while!

It has a very powerful guaranteed effect for only 2 credits. However, it needs to be built around, since the effects are vastly different, and the runner's choice:

  • The general idea is that 1x Riot Suppression = 1x Core.
    • If the runner loses the clicks, you should have a follow up of Oppo -> 1-2x Hypoxia.
    • If the runner does take the core you simply Riot Suppression them again, and then play the Oppo if needed :)
  • Since Riot Suppression gets removed from the game it means that you have to be using it to advance your win-con, not purely getting value out of click taxing.

Additionally, if the runner is absolutely refusing to take the core there's an additional interesting score out option of:



original Thule name

The original Thule deck list name :)

This deck got codenamed "Barf Thule" as it simply barfs things out onto the board, and is extremely gross to play against.

  • Due to this nature I didn't actually get many testing games on it, but thanks @maninthemoon for putting up with this toxic scum of a deck :p


It tested quite well into Hosh, beating it multiple times with open lists, even with turn one Maw, or early Stargate.


It absolutely folded in its open lists test games vs Sable. If they save Class Acts for your click taxing tag kill turns, and/or have multiple No Free Lunch, it becomes an almost impossible matchup. Their click free central accesses make things extra difficult as well.


No testing vs Shaper, but I think this matchup in theory should be ok. You might have to core them out for 1x more due to LilyPAD plays, but seems ok.


I heavily considered taking this to worlds after its performance in testing vs Hosh. However, I expected top tables to include a lot of Sable, and with failing that matchup in open lists it was sadly out of the question.

CoS (Crown of Servers) was the perfect place to bring this monster, since the entire tournament was closed list swiss, and made it a ton of fun to play!

CoS [4-1]

Highlights [2x games ending with]:

  1. tagging the runner on 2x core for my turn
  2. pass turn
  3. runner has 0 clicks
  4. "discard down to handsize"
  5. End of the Line
  6. GG


R1: Win vs Mercury
R2: Win vs Esâ
R3: Loss vs RotomAppliance 419 [Stream]
  • Fun to have the commentators, and chat slowly realize it's a NO ICE Thule :p
  • Game Report:
    • RotomAppliance did a great job of picking apart my options, and defending himself against my limited windows, eventually ending at a 45min game concession by myself
    • On the other hand, I made multiple misplays across this game and could have possibly closed this out in my favor.
    • I ended up tunneling too hard on Malia as my game winning out. RotomAppliance had No Free Lunch and I initially missed the line to simply Distributed Tracing 2x times for the win, only recognizing it the turn after discarding my second copy.
R4: Win vs Hosh
R5: Win vs Hosh


I think my reasoning for not bringing this as my worlds deck was correct. However, I do think this may have actually had a better performance, due to the unexpected nature of the deck.

  • "Corp decks are like cars. Once you drive them off the lot they lose a lot of value" - The King

I could have also used more prep on this, and worlds in general, as multiple misplays cost me the possible game against RotomAppliance.

This deck is nasty to play against. However, it does also feel very fragile to play early:

  • You do have an extremely punishing suite of follow ups for trashes, but you don't want to be using those tools until you can turn them into eventual game winning core.
  • From playing the deck more, I think if the runner simply focuses on trashing out your early econ it will be a rather fragile matchup.


  • Thanks to my fellow CoS teammates @Radiant, and @maninthemoon of "TEAM RADIANT *(with special guests: APAC/ICC champs)" for the great run we had!
  • Thanks to @maninthemoon for testing and workshopping the list with me!
  • Thanks to the Riot/Hypoxia NO ICE Thule fans in twitch chat!
  • Thanks to the judges, volunteers, and NSG for running such a wonderful fun filled CoS! It was an absolute blast!
  • Thanks to @Jakuza for creating the amazing prize support for the tournament.
    • If only I hadn't misplayed, and lost the stone Ob :'(
19 Oct 2023 BinkBonkle


19 Oct 2023 cone

Horrifying list, will definitely need to try it out

20 Oct 2023 cros

From the other side of the table this seemed to be disgusting :D luckily for me I was playing startup against Radiant's Drago R+ :D GG

20 Oct 2023 Diogene


Haha! But on a less meme way, that is a fun deck that I'll be testing now.

Is there anything (keeping it Iceless) that you would change in the deck?


20 Oct 2023 Santa

@Diogene the main issue are slots.

There hasn’t been anything dramatic standout that I would change.

You could cut the Malia, but I think generally it needs the card. The only reasoning I had the distributed tracing line vs Rotom was that I had trashed out the first No Free Lunch with an early core.

An additional card to explore would be slotting 1-2x Red Level:
- Red Level would be able to have fun tricks with Wage Workers, including 2x Hypoxia off a Distributed Tracing

I was also wondering about running 1-3x Offworld Office possibly instead of Luminal/Onto:
- I don’t think this is probably right, but something which could be explored for score out options with Wage Workers that don’t break the bank.

Additionally, the list is missing an inf atm:
- Predictive Planogram could be a good card for that last inf, if you’re able to find another card to remove:
- Allows for bouncing back after DoF, and digging on tag turns.
- Not sure I’d replace anything in the list for it, but something to explore
- Mwanza City Grid is a flashy fun card for the last inf we lightly tested, but I think there’s better options.

Overall, mostly a slots issue, but have some areas of exploration. I think Red Level is the most promising if anything.

20 Oct 2023 maninthemoon

Love this deck 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

21 Oct 2023 xFWx FIREBIRD (aka FireRL)


21 Oct 2023 Cyclopanda

Sorry, I am really green. Whats the point of Greasing the Palm?

21 Oct 2023 Santa

@Cyclopandagreat to have you in the community! :)

Greasing the Palm doesn’t have too much of a particular usage. I was previously running Hedge Fund, but since this deck is installing a lot of cards, I found that Greasing the Palm seemed to fit that Econ slot a bit better. I’ve never personally used the tag removal aspect since if you land a tag there’s far more punishing options you want to follow up with 😁

26 Oct 2023 jonkey bong

this is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen