[Startup] Drago's Baseball Bat - 3rd @ NGN Circuit Opener #2

syth 36

All credit goes to this oppressive pile of cards: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/7b6ac78c-2613-4a22-8d43-4143441b2688/-startup-warden-drago

I went with this deck since I was expecting the meta to be Endurance-heavy. Surprisingly, while Lat boat was definitely present, it was nowhere near as prevalent as I expected.

Swapped out the 2nd Subliminal Messaging from the original decklist for a 1x Backroom Machinations to win games (in theory). Sadly, it never came up when I needed it.

Ultimately, while this deck was easily able to lock out runners, I found it too slow for tournament play - only able to actually finish both games comfortably in the last round.

It sure made people wish they had No Free Lunch or Flipswitch though.

29 Oct 2022 Dr Bees

I went 2-2 with this corp today at a GNK in Cambridge, UK - good fun (for one side of the table, at least)! I chose the deck expecting there to be a lot of Endurance but only played against it a couple of times. @Kikai beat me fair and square with boat Hoshiko; despite that, this is a nice tight list!