Tributary's last hurrah (3rd @ Summer Showdown)

arlekj 57

My Ob list for summer showdown which went 4-3 (3-1 swiss, 1-2 cut).

Ob, and Rush Ob specifically, is a fascinating deck building puzzle. Due to the ability to search for specific cards at will, it amplifies an interesting part of event/tournament netrunner prep: anticipating and planning for specific matchups. This certainly isn't news to the community, but it's worth restating.

While I find this an interesting part of netrunner...I did very little of it leading up to this weekend.

For this event, I simply wanted to have the experience of playing Tributary in Ob before that is no longer an option. It was...fine. Against moderate to aggressive runners, it's difficult to find time to search it out, and the goal is to outspeed slow runners anyways. In any case, there's not a huge point to discussing a card on death row, but Ob should not miss it terribly.

I think my main takeaway from this event is that I like Rush Ob. All of my losses felt close, and many games had multiple decision points that I'm looking forward to reviewing.

Again, this was a well organized tournament with a great stream and wonderful netrunner. My thanks to everyone involved.

20 May 2024 AlinaHabba24

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22 May 2024 maninthemoon

Fun list, I do love rush Ob, Big congrats on 3rd!!