Bag of Tricks V - Nordic Nationals 3rd - 5-2

Elusive 1170

Returning home from nationals was a good feeling. Doing so while still rocking this hipster snowflake project of mine is awesome. For anyone who is interested in fighting the Yomi-game i recommend to try this deck. It is quite fun, and i promise you adrenalin-filled games on both sides.

Placing third out of a field of 53, dropping one game in swiss (4-1) with ID last game, and one in finals (1-1) i'm still able to say PE is underestimated. The two game losses were against very good players who both won by making the right call, running the correct advanced remote.

Both games were still closer than was comfortable being one net away from a kill both times, I need to give even more cred to my opponents here as they took the not so sure gamble at the precise right moment in the game.

Changes from previous version of this deck, and some explanations:

  • No Punitive Counterstrike: a hallmark of the deck, and removing them is a temporary answer to the Temujin meta. Their strength is in the mid-game and at the moment i am outmatched in econ in mid-game in way more matchups than was previously common.

  • Bio-ethics association: The perfect card for the deck. Exactly what we want. Clickless net. Unfortunately this means cutting corners elsewere, which is why there is less (and more consistently good) ICE this time around. It also explains the need to go up to 2 psychic field.

  • Salems hospitality: I've had worse. This hard-counter is worth it, especially seeing as many anarchs rely on the IHW to stay a few turns more. This guarantees the kill-turn and otherwise might act as a worse neural EMP.

Oh, and here's a close game from the swiss rounds:

Also, observe the commenter's on the amount of possible net available the last round here, it is definitely 5, not 4 ;)

26 Sep 2016 Hallenbach

As an occansional Jinteki player, I'm very happy to see you still keep this deck alive. Congrats on the third place!

26 Sep 2016 Elusive


I actually did put a lot of practice into a grail/batty-Palana deck before nationals. Figured it was time to learn to play netrunner. Then Rumor Mill hit, and.. well..

26 Sep 2016 Silencer

What do you think of house of knives.

26 Sep 2016 Elusive

HoN is an agenda that you have to score to use. It does not fit this deck. Here you score agendas only to kill.

26 Sep 2016 Elusive

HoN is an agenda that you have to score to use. It does not fit this deck. Here you score agendas only to kill.

Here is a writeup of the strategy to employ:

27 Sep 2016 chex

Well played this weekend. It was truly great fun both playing against you and watching you play!

You shattered my Val/Sync in round 4 iirc, kicking me back to the tables where I felt more comfortable ;)

27 Sep 2016 evilgaz

Good work on the interesting deck choices - don't neglect to mention that you beat the commentators on Twitch as well as your opponent on one turn in the finals!

27 Sep 2016 Elusive

@chex: it was a great game, looking forward to seeing you next year!

@evilgaz: Hehe seems lots of people could use some practice against the Yomi-part of this game. This was the last time you'll see this monster though, some critical cards rotating soon ;)

27 Sep 2016 Wet Toastie

PE High Five!

4 Oct 2016 Foxtrott

I'm still running a version similar to your original build. I'm having decent success with it, but with a different playstyle: All-In on Mushin, force runners to run advanced remotes by scoring agendas (Score TFP and HoK, keep fetal on the board). I've switched out the punitives for Archived Memories as Mushin 4, 5&6 (freed the influence at the ice suite).

7 Oct 2016 Elusive

Cool to hear! I use that sometimes as an alternate plan. That's a high-risk plan though. Your Yomi has to be flawless to get away with palcing TFP's ;)

11 Oct 2016 harinezumi

Do you really need profiteering after taking out the punitive counter strikes?

When I played an earlier version of this type of deck, that was pretty much my only use of that agenda (setting up a punitive kill).

11 Oct 2016 Elusive

Thing is, you don't need the effect on any 1-point agenda really. They are there to provide clickless net for the kill-turn.

Thus the only valid options are really profiteering and chronos project, because both have pwoerful niche abilities that save your ass in certain situations.

I agree that you miss the synergy with Punitive, but i woudl suggest anyone to keep Punitive's popping out and in to keep runners guessing.

This version w/o PC is not strictly better, it was a meta-call for this specific tournament, and i'd rather play the PC-version when it is a good choice.

31 Oct 2016 Jabberwocks

Devastating deck. Cleaning up in Temujin meta these days on Jinteki. Thanks for this! Makes the current state of the meta less frustrating for Corp. :)

12 Nov 2016 FightingWalloon

Fun deck. Since you run so few ice, is Eli really a big difference from a Wall of Static or Vanilla? I guess the question is: What do you use Eli for?

My primary play up to now has been glacier or decks with lots of ice. In my first game with this deck (killed Smoke) the only ice I ever rezed were the Pop Up Windows. Just looking for some insight. I will go read your write up, which maybe I should have done before writing this. :)

12 Nov 2016 Elusive

Heh nice seeing you have some luck with it. The Eli is really because there are so few ice in the deck they all have to matter. There is a really large difference of an open R&D and an R&D with Eli, not so much with Vanilla.

Since what you want to do is delay the runner from R&D, the few ice you have must allow you to get that extra time on the clock to set up a kill.

7 Mar 2017 smyrna

What are your thoughts on Show of Force and Enforced Curfew here?

This was a very fun deck to play with and it is sad to see it go. So are you gonna stick to palana after old cards cycle out or do you have any idea of a new mind games deck?