Dutch National winner 2017: Still hating on Dyper


Captain Belgium Good Afternoon.


This is the deck that I took to Dutch Nationals 2017 and managed to win the whole thing.

It's the same deck I took 2nd place with at Leuven Regionals.

Tech Card is still Executive Boot Camp. It's a tech card against Ryanbantwins, yes one card for one person. And I will keep playing it until he puts dyper to rest. They took IG49 from me but they will not take Executive Boot Camp away.


I don't remember all the names. Sorry it's nothing personal, I'm better at remembering decks

Round 1

Against Jonathan on Despi Wizzy. He just locks me out of the game. Really solid play.


Round 2

Against one of the two female competitors, playing Andromeda. Lighting fast start for me. Scoring out of a Fairchild 3.0 + Vanilla remote. (1-3)

Round 3

Against Bas on Andromeda. Long story short. I have ice + he can't find his breakers = I score out (3-3)

Round 4

Against Smoke. He contesting remotes which leaves him low in credits. I just keep Friends in High Places until I can FA my way to victory.

Round 5

Against my brother hooray. We drove 4 hours together to be here, and end up playing each other in round 5. He's on the Mars Whizzard, which we testing the night before (maybe a bit intoxicated).

I'm able to FA 4 points and finish the game with a naked installed Global Food Initiative. Which I know he hates when I do that. That's why I keep doing it :). (7-3)

Round 6

Against a Dyper. Executive Boot Camp your time to shine. Rezzing me some Ice on R&D locks him out of R&D. Still a suprises PolOp finds him 2 GFIs (oops). Fun game, fun opponent.


HOORAY! I'm in the Cut

The games can be seen on the stream.

Game 1

I ran, I won

Game 2

Against Ryanbantwins. The guy I tech my decks for. So I'm happy that I can play his runner. As last time we played he blind mad dashes into R&D to top deck an agenda. (sigh).

Still to close of a game. But anti-dyper moons does his work.

game 3

I ran I won

Finale game

I ran, I won

Some finale thanks and shout outs.

@Elwin and his judge (I'm sorry I'm really bad at names). Wonderfull tournament. Smoothly run. Would and probably will come again. Also thanks for the Alt art enigma.

@Belgium meta. Thanks for keeping me off the jank. And telling me to play good decks. Special thanks @clercqie for teaching me Moons and telling me It's not illegal to make a scoring remote.

@my Brother. For the test games (drunk and not drunk) And the hours of playing netrunner together.

13 Aug 2017 Okkdoko

Congrats on the win! That game against ryanbantwins in the cut was a piece of art.

13 Aug 2017 Slowriffs

Congrats, good job and well played! Love the dyper hate.

13 Aug 2017 TKO

Oh look, another moon deck won a tournament. Everyone is shocked. eyeroll

13 Aug 2017 Cluster Fox

@TKO hey how about not being a dick? Other than that, awesome that you've offered some constructive comments. We wouldn't want you to spend your valuable time and energy to go out of your way to make douchenozzel remarks on someone who went out of their way to learn a deck and anticipate the meta, now would we? I mean, anyone can win a Nationals, am I right? Well done, Pieter. And great deck. A deserved win, kudos.

13 Aug 2017 FREDPI

@Cluster Fox thanks man. We will drink a beer on it next time

13 Aug 2017 FightingWalloon

Congratulations! May your campaign to end the terror of Dyper meet with success.

13 Aug 2017 Cluster Fox

@FREDPI sorry allergic to assholes ;) looking forward to a beer!

15 Aug 2017 SmokeElmo

@FREDPII will start checking every remote you make! Don't care how many Juneburgs I hit! Congratz anyway!

16 Aug 2017 triorph

Another cool feature of EBC: You can tutor for a CSM from deck and use AAL to install it. I definitely like the tech.