Moon Swimming 2 [Intercontinentals 2022]

lukifer 1244

Updated iteration of Olympic Moon Swimming, played in Intercontinentals 2022. Went 1-2 on the day, though losses were incredibly close: bridgeman pinched HQ singles to block the win twice; and the final game, I whiffed on finding a single agenda to feed to Moon Pool on an eight-card dig.

This build definitely feels better to me than the original; less ICE is fine with how much we draw, and 1x Audacity is correct, as is 3x Field. Also liking the 2x Vitruvius; the increased density for the runner is worth the tradeoff both for scoring out, and because a Vit counter can do so much work to survive Stargate, or to grab a combo piece on demand.

18 Sep 2022 GusGrumpy

Could you share any replays? Would love to see this in action