I Hate Yellow Kill Decks (c2r and ban list compatible)

Shishu 655

Let me tell you something about meat damage: it belongs in Weyland.

I was playing Oversight + Curtain Wall before Blue Sun even came out. My friend quit Netrunner because I SEA Scorched him one too many times. I've tried Ghost Branch. One time I got a kill from double DRT + Snare. Another time I actually got rid of a Film Critic with Snatch and Grab. At the height of Butchershop, I stuck to Midseasons out of Blue Sun because fuck NEH.

I never wanted to play meat damage out of NBN.

And yet here I am.

Without Temujin giving runners too much econ, or Aaron alleviating tags, this deck can not only kill, but it can rush. You'd be surprised how many people fall for Data Raven + QPM. Scoring out early Beales is surprisingly easy against the more careful players who won't fall for the bait.

For the econ package, it's mostly burst (Hedge and IPO). I also chose Green Level because it's less influence than Celebrity Gift, plus the draw is nice. PAD is there because it's expensive to trash in Whizzard-free world (but watch out for Aeneas Informant; you don't want to leave them unprotected).

The ICE suite is pretty standard fare. Pop-Up gives you extra money, Ice Wall is a great gearcheck versus Paperclip, Data Raven is nasty, and Shadow is there because I needed another Weyland card to get Consulting Visit in. It's actually not that bad; face checking is a net loss of 1 credit plus a possible tag.

The Agenda suite is just the right size for what you're trying to do. Beale and GFI can be scored early if you need to (plus there's nothing else on the restricted list you really want). I originally put in 3 TGTBTs, but the credit swing for Explode-a-palooza is much better. I could possibly put in NAPD, but sometimes this deck really just has to score so QPM is there to score itself. And yes, Film Critic can be a potential problem. But if they're playing critic, that means they're not playing Opus so you'll probably out-money them anyway.

With 3 HHN, 2 Booms, and 3 Consulting Visit, you are very likely to get your combo cards when you need them. Preemptive is not nearly as good as Jackson Howard (Indexing is a bitch), but it'll get back your econ, shuffle in Agendas that the runner neglected to check archives for, and put back Booms if they get trashed out of hand. Best Defense is there to deal with Obelus (although the one time I needed it I couldn't even find a Consulting Visit to get rid of it). Closed Accounts is there in case they think they can just install another goddamn Obelus. Although I suppose they can just play Mars for Martians and then install their stupid Obelus. Perhaps an EoI would be better. We'll see.

That's pretty much it. I've had about a 70% win rate on Jnet. Probably. At least half of the games go really quickly because runners seem to forget that HHN is a thing. Losses mostly come from getting out-moneyed or some lucky digs (Indexing for 6 points is kind of ridiculous).

I honestly hate myself for how much I like this deck but I'm also disappointed that I can't take it to World's (I'm spending my last college semester in Japan). Otherwise I wouldn't be posting it. I've never felt more confident about a build that I made from scratch.

I'm sorry Ms. Mills.

23 Sep 2017 igrekk

Why Ice Wall instead of Vanilla?

23 Sep 2017 k.art
24 Sep 2017 SneakdoorMelb

Beautiful. Look at all these 3x cards! Love this deck.

24 Sep 2017 Cpt_nice

Needs more Biased Reporting

24 Sep 2017 MikeJS

Hello there. I like the list :) Have you considered a 1-of Exchange of Information? Turning a QPM that the runner scored for you into a Global Food Initiative is a great feeling.

24 Sep 2017 Shishu

@MikeJSyeah i just changed the list a bit and EoI is definitely better than closed accounts

24 Sep 2017 PureFlight

Want something crazy? Swap PADs for Reality Threedee and slot a Lizzy Mills :-)

25 Sep 2017 CaKnuckleguy

Observation: Beanstock Roaylties gets you 1 extra net credit and helps fulfill the Consulting Visit 6 without needing to do it with Ice, for the same influence cost. Potentially freeing up Ice slots for Vanilla, or alternatively Resistor. Or heck, a go while. Swordsman. Because let's be real, Toshiro Mifune is the best thing ever.

25 Sep 2017 Shishu

@Cpt_niceIt's not an entirely reliable source of income and really only shines late game. You need credit advantage fairly early on in order to threaten HHN.

@PureFlightThat is....somewhat tempting. I might try that out. Minus the Mills, though. Don't really have a slot for it. Bad Pub doesn't matter too much in this deck although it does give them credits to trash the asset in the first place. If I end up rezzing all 3 then that's 3 to trash the asset rather than four for PAD

@CaKnuckleguyYeah, a friend pointed this out too me and I swapped the GLCs for Beanstalks. I replaced Ice Wall with Wrap (because Aumaka is a thing) The extra influence went to a third GFI and Archived Memories. Swordsman might not be a bad idea either (again, Aumaka).

1 Oct 2017 ParasitePromo

Just magnum opus till late game so that hhn could never land