[Startup] Earth Barrier (1st at Brno Startup GNK)

Kubik161 40

Another take on single subtype ICE.

Plan is simple. Make taxing servers, trash barrier breaker either with SDS Drone Deployment or Public Trail/Retribution combo. Lock them out.

This deck is super slow. You have Divested Trust to force runner to steal agendas multiple time, so it will take 4-5 steals to get to 7 points. You will also click for credits a lot.

What to change: Spin Doctor feels wrong, should have been Sprint instead. Palisade should be replaced with some other ICE, but there are not many options (or influence)

25 Oct 2021 Longi

Well done. It good to see that refreshing deck like that still can win and GNK.

25 Oct 2021 √Ątsch

Love it! What do you think about Eli 1.0? Could spare a Gold Farmer for 3 of 'ese

26 Oct 2021 Kubik161

@√Ątsch Yes, that would be possible change. -1 Gold Farmer, -1 Palisade, +2 Eli 1.0

26 Oct 2021 Rahrhino

One idea would be to add a single Ballista.) Best case you can trash a fractor, but failing that you can use it to force a tempo hit to find an otherwise redundant killer. If they think they know your deck is only running barriers it could cause a nasty surprise :P