Bendy Spoony 2.0 (3rd at Philly Regionals)

osclate 687

Went 5-1 at Philly regionals but was only the second best MaxX in the tournament. Congrats to Skry for winning top MaxX! (And also the tournament.)

Changes from previous version: Cut clone chip, rebirth, and 1 career fair for a 2nd Engolo. I was losing to rush decks, so I needed to make sure I found Engolo earlier.

Added 3 Street Peddlers to speed things up, and to sometimes get to Stimhack out a Maw. Feels good. Also added a third Maw because it sucks to mill them all.

25 Jul 2019 b3ar

How did it work out with Inject and no Clone Chip?

25 Jul 2019 osclate

It wasn't a problem on the day, though it could happen. I didn't have an issue with milled breakers all day. I had one game where I milled all 3 maws, all 3 SoTs, and my Levy, but that's just bad luck.