Fiery Info (US Nationals, 2nd Place)

ramus 309

This deck is dumb and there's literally nothing new here. This ended up going 3-2 in swiss and three wins and one loss in the cut.

I was trying really hard to figure out how to slot a Best Defense in but gave up. Never cut Observe and Destroy.

R1 vs Smoke

Indexed to death. Protecting R&D would've been a good idea.

R2 vs Whizzard

24/7, Boom. Runner had Plascrete in hand. Install your plascretes.

R3 vs Leela

Maw Leela will just chew up your hand if you can't get something going early. I couldn't do much of anything while bleeding cards and eventually lost.

R4 vs Whizzard

I don't remember Whizzard variant this was, but the game involved Boom getting trashed multiple times. However, he eventually decided to go tag-me and AM->Boom! does the job.

R5 vs Dyper Kate

Turn 1 BN, turn 2 whatever, turn 3 BN, turn 4 24/7 boom.


With this, I ended up at the 6th seed after swiss.

Game 1 vs @checkthebox was a win with runner.

Game 2 vs @podoboyz99 with Whizzard

Noah with frantic Whizzard means Data Ravens will be sad. However, if you can keep installing them over and over than it doesn't matter, which is what happened. I got Data Ravens installed on HQ and R&D and replaced them with new Data Ravens as they got femmed, and Jacksoning back two Data Ravens was involved. I eventually got 4 one-pointers scored but didn't find any of the cards to interact with the installed Plascrete. Eventually he went tag-me. Fortunately, Maw repeatedly missed the AM I was holding and I had the EOI win after he found a GFI and QPM.

Game 3 vs @joseki was a loss with runner.

Game 4 vs @checkthebox with Hayley

Matt was playing a Dyper variant but with Hayley. This was a wild game, here's my (hopefully not too inaccurate) recount:

t1: hedge sweeps sweeps

t2: Random stuff and a Jackson

t3: Score BN, but now he has 2 fan sites and NACH

t4: Some draws, Matt puts down Artist Colony

t4: IAA naked

t5: Score BN, pays 4 to dodge with NACH, IAA naked

t6: Score BN, pays 4 to dodge with NACH, IAA naked

t7: Score 15 minutes, IAA naked

runner t7: He correctly deduced that I just IAA'd a GFI, so he went for a mini-power turn with 2 hyperdrivers, keyhole, and equivocation (there was no ice on RND). He stole the AA'd GFI, and eventually GFI, NAPD, and QPM were in archives but he wasn't able to grab them. At this point he had no money thanks to the NACH triggers and forcing him to trash a Jackson.

t8: 24/7, EOI BN for GFI, O&D to kill the leprechaun hosting keyhole/equivocation

runner t8, t9: Matt clicked up to 3 credits but decided to keep the tag, so I closed accounts and IA behind some ice.

runner t9: He tries to go after R&D but gives me a QPM in the process.

t10: AA, score QPM

Godly luck with draws let me run away with the game.

Game 5 vs @tzeentchling was a win with runner.

Game 6 vs @bluebird503 with Whizzard

This was a very tense game. I got the requisite agendas scored early, but I had to dig and dig for 24/7 while Kyle was also doing the same to find his Plascrete. Unfortunately for him, I found what I needed first.

Game 7 vs @joseki was a win with runner.

Game 8 vs @joseki with Ayla

I had heard plenty about this deck, but this was the first time I ended up matched against it. I knew I had to go really fast to even have a chance, but my luck with draws paved the way for John to get the full combo assembled once I was sitting at 6 points.

Shotouts to the Seattle crew, particularly @checkthebox, @podoboyz99, and @grogboxer for making the cut, and congratulations to @joseki for winning it all.

7 Jun 2017 MikeJS

Deck is good. Can I ask about your ICE decisions? How did you decide on 3x Resistor and no IP Block? I would have liked to have gone up to 2x Archangel but usually go 4 Barriers in the end.

7 Jun 2017 x3r0h0ur

Yea, this deck is good. Winning or losing fast is great for your mental state. grats.

7 Jun 2017 MrBuggles

Do you think Authenticator has any place in these lists, or is the current ice suite just too good? The only thing I can really see it replacing is Turnpike

8 Jun 2017 ramus

@MikeJS I didn't want to drop any copies of either Archangel or Resistor, and having only 1 IP Block was too inconsistent, so I just stayed with the boring choice.

@MrBuggles I haven't tested it yet, but I'm going to try replacing some Pop-ups and/or Turnpikes for it.