Infirmary Often Chicago Regional 1st in swiss, 2nd final

x3r0h0ur 8752

Basically this is the broken, fast kill deck made famous by @beyoken at worlds. Score breaking news, 24/7 kill them. I turned down a 3 sweeps 2 jackson in a move spags called "the worst move of netrunner 2017."

Swiss R1 - Sarah Andy/HB:Etf - Andy does stuff, I get 2 angends, 1 being breaking news, 24/7 shows up, theres a smoking crater where andy used to be. !rotateme

R2 - Derrick Kate/CI - Kate gets some stuff set up, but I keep her poor trying to drag her through ice, grabs a BN behind a data raven (setting up HHN), but losing NACH in the process, short trip later, somking crater where Kate used to be. !rotateme

R3 - John Whizz/Skorp - We ID, I have no clue how this would have gone.

R4 - Blain Leela/CI - Leela threatens a lot, but an early breaking news isn't phased by a siphon. Leela gets blasted into outspace. Always kill. No exceptions.

R5 - Spags whizz/RP - We ID, who knows how this would go. Probably another perfect cosplay of rotation though.


R1 - Early breaking news, early QP (iirc), turn 4 or 5 24/7 boom. :rollsafe: you don't have to worry about blackmail if you don't care about ice :rollsafe:

R2 - Runner

R3 - Trevor on smoke - NACH and film critic after an early temu, I get shut down on the combo with all the pieces in hand. Hard loss here, even after blowing an HHN to force all 8 credits in the pool down paying through NACH.

R4 - Runner

R5 - Grand Finals 1 Trevor - Runner

R6 - Grand Final 2 - I get 2 ice, he gets temu again. I get a turn 2 15 minutes, and 2 jacksons in hand. Top deck 24/7, dig for Breaking news with 1 howard, find it and play a hedge. Score the Breaking News, NACH comes out. I throw down a GFI and advance twice (didn't have anything else) hoping he doesn't have FC and I can either score it, or EoI it later (or top deck HHN). I have the full 24/7, closed, HHN combo in hand, but ditch HHN when FC drops as he takes the GFI. Indexing through data raven and archangel, he spots 2 agendas and comes in twice for the win.

Some real ice would be nice, but really, deck is basically operating at 100% until a new card drops for it.

GGs to all. Score breaking newses.