SanSan South RP: Taxed to Death 2.0

bcavalier 258

This is an Updated Version of SanSan South's "Taxed to Death" deck.

General Philosophy:

I never built this deck with the intention of killing people, simply scoring out of a Ash/Caprice Server and preventing the runner from scoring ... turned out I'm a secret murderer ... which is nice, because when the runner sees RP across the table they think its a heavy taxer at this point, which by all rights this deck is. How much does it take a runner whose worried about snares to break an Komainu & Wall of Thorns R&D Server? Or a Susano Chimera HQ?


The Ice mix is based off of 2 different philosophies:

1. All Ice has TEETH

2. ETR is a crutch (for Jinteki)

Chimera to frustrate a runner going after Assets, or a short term stop gap on R&D or HQ. Wall of Thorns is perfect on R&D, Komainu for HQ/Archives and anywhere you think you can get it to land. Susan is amazing on a Remote to tax, especially with Komainu on Archives.

General Playstyle

Assets to tax the runner, but also make you money, Upgrades that let me 'Yank the money lever'. Do what it takes to rez that Hostile Infrastructure, it protects R&D amazingly well. Unlike Encryption Protocol (The early origin of this deck was DB0's Untrashable), it activates whenever a Whizzard player trashes your Jackson's from R&D, and even hurts Shapers with a MOPUS in play.

Basically I wind up building up an enormous economic advantage, and when I'm ready to start scoring, Ash, and some larger ICE lets me spend money to make it impossible for the runner to steal that agenda. Jackson and Interns make that economy come back over and over, and either the runner goes broke, or I'm Rich.

What I found that I was often able to sneak out a House of Knives (runner thinks its an Upgrade or just another asset or bluff an agenda as a trap. Inazuma/Komainu/HOK combo actually wound up happening much more than you might think, as did a well timed Shinobi (with tons of cash). Scoring a HOK that way can be brutal, now when I install an Ash, or anything else, the runner feels compelled to at least check it ... if its a second HOK they can be in a real tough spot.

Shocks are hilarious when someone digs around Archives only to find NAPDs or Future Perfects. It's also great to draw up so you can discard them ... make the runner think you're desperate (Click for a card .... click for a card ... sigh, click for a card), discard your shocks, and they Legwork, only to find 1 point and a bunch of celebrity gifts.


I tend to Celebrity Gift hands most people think aren't ideal, but this deck needs to be played with a fair amount of aggression and boldness. This is not a deck for a player who likes to create a giant stack of ICE and feels safe at every moment, in fact I'd say its for the Netrunner version of an Adrenaline Junkie. The deck with a lot of pilot skill can win quite often, I'm probably at 75-80% win rate if not a little higher, and is a lot of fun to play, and I think play against. It was a really fun deck, but its time to evolve onto the NEXT thing. (PS I still bring this to tourney's at it is my most comfortable deck)

29 Oct 2014 bcavalier

Also, try replacing the 3 Jackson Howards with a Janus 1.0, Hedge Fund, and Celebrity Gift. That is if the new Noise hasn't shown up at you LFGS.

29 Oct 2014 Gr8bookworm

How have you found hostile takeover? Would you consider dropping it for more ice?

29 Oct 2014 Gr8bookworm

Edit- Hostile infrastructure

29 Oct 2014 Dydra

Ice count seems reaaaaaaally low ... :\ how many games u start with 1 ICE .... which all competitive decks want to see you do ...

29 Oct 2014 bcavalier

@Dydra The ICE count is a little low, but hasn't hampered the deck too much. The Agenda density is also pretty low, so if I do only see 1 ICE out of a mulligan I'll ICE HQ first against Criminal or Anarch, R&D against Shaper. Even then, people tend to not dig around too hard on Jinteki early, for fear of an early Snare or Fetal. For weyland deck, the ICE count is tiny, for a deck whose identity demands a little more deference it's ok. I will often spend my second turn looking for a second piece of ICE for that other central (don't want to tip your hand the first turn), but it hasn't hurt too much. Heavy ICE destruction can be an issue, but Interns and Jackson can help with that.

@Gr8bookworm it's amazeballs. Especially in a deck that will have a lot of money, and lots of trashable cards.