The Scammer of Sixth Street (1st Austin Regionals 2019)

errantmage 341

Clearing Nexus Tags

Actual gameplay footage of this deck

This is mostly Rotom's list, your standard rich day trading degeneracy where the corp never realizes the call was coming from inside the house. The main change versus Rotom's list is cutting energy drinks to make sure we see our favorite friend, packing "plan paywall", and keeping around a shady friend to deny score-outs in a pinch (or to eat 15 Minutes) -- thanks xdfubar for that.

I took this to the Austin Regionals because (a) those NISEI alt-arts for Nexus definitely needed to see some play, and (b) some counter-play to News seemed like a solid plan. The deck seemed good in testing, but went 1-2 in swiss. It absolutely disassembled a CTM, but dropped games to too-fast Titan and Rude Deck Outfit (though both may just be piloting error). Even so, it steamrolled Sports Jinja in the final to secure the win so it's hard to complain. Overall, I think it was a great meta call, and I had lines in both of the losses that just barely didn't eek out.

As always, thanks to Dragon's Lair and Jason for putting the regional on. It was a blast!

10 Jul 2019 NtscapeNavigator

Upvoted for that gif. Hilarious.

Congrats on 1st.