Jinja Abuse, Now with Hagen! [5-0, 1st Place SA Regional]

DoomRat 1731

This is Matuszczak’s winning decklist from the Nisei online tournament, with the super innovative change of swapping the Enigma for a Hagen, which totally mattered and made the deck tons better.

My one serious comment is that this deck is super resilient. It survived an apocalypse, picking up my play set of Ikawah Projects off of VLC and a mulligan where my second ice was the 16th card in my deck. Highly recommended, great design by Matuszczak.

19 May 2019 branimated

shakes fist

I'm not even mad, I love it when HB can play a bunch of ice and win games :)

20 May 2019 shazzner

This deck was brutal to play against.