Jinja Abuse (1st & Undefeated @ NISEI Online Standard)

Matuszczak 2077

With MWL 3.2 coming out banning MTI and unrestricting VLC came the idea to give Sportsmetal a radical rushy spin. Jinja City Grid has been my pet card for over a year now. I've had some success with different rushy Jinja builds, but this one feels the strongest. Even though it's strong as is, there is plenty of room for improvement: Hagen, BLC & possibly Domestic Sleepers belong in this list.

Went 8-0 in the tournament beating a Val, 3 Leelas & 4 Kabonesas.

Special thanks to @Odol for long conversations while theorycrafting the deck, cutting down to 7 agendas was his brilliant idea. Now the 2 of us are testing a 7x3 + 3x0 version, I hope you'll see it posted after another tournament success one day :)

11 May 2019 NtscapeNavigator

Did you ever consider rime to futher boost your super server and mess with math? (This question comes from a group chat I'm in not me personally)

Congrats on the win :)

12 May 2019 Matuszczak

@Blonde Haired Hacker Girlthe problem is a) you need something that can protect the server on it's own (holding an early Jinja is key) b) 1 str does not change the math with many popular breakers. Thanks! :)

12 May 2019 Longi

Hey Mateusz. Congrats on the win. The build looks very solid, definitely have try it. Did you per chance also tried it on ASA? I know Odol did and was not overky satisfied but I wonder if Sportsmetal it the optimal choice given the 5/3 agenda suite.

12 May 2019 Matuszczak

Thanks! Odol played the same list on Asa (+1 Architect, -1 Enigma), it's not bad, but we now agree Sports are stronger. The 5/3 suite does not matter all that much for the ID, you might get 1 trigger less than with normal 9 agenda suites, but it's important that it maintains your credit pool to continue scoring or gives an option to draw into agendas when the runner is trying to lock centrals,

18 May 2019 lopert

What would you cut out for the 3 Domestic Sleepers?

22 May 2019 Matuszczak

@lopertNGO Fronts & Scarcities are my top 2 picks to test.