Chess is easy with an Overmind

Spaceman_Spiff 972

Typical Exile street chess with a few changes:

  • Deck is built around Overmind. You'll have Deep Red in play anyways with a bunch of 0 MU programs, why not throw in a super efficient AI breaker?

  • e3 Feedback Implants for the synergy with Overmind

  • A single parasite for dealing with low str, high subroutine ice (e.g. Tsurugi)

Things I've thought about or tried, but ended up cutting. Feel free to try them out and see if you can get something better out of them:

  • Omni-Drive. Great for putting your Overmind on, but makes an already janky deck even more draw-order dependent.

  • Dyson mem chip/Underworld Contacts. This combo goes great with Overmind, but is difficult and expensive to set up. Maybe could try cutting a few e3 and/or Scheherazade to fit in Supplier if you really want to get it out there in a cost-efficient manner.

Let me know what you think

10 Dec 2014 Pinkwarrior

Some thoughts that accrue to me, Trade-In could be a good card to stick in allowing you to swap excess consoles for other hardware.

You talk about Dyson & Underworld for your deck i think if you wait for Order & Chaos for Data Folding that will fit nicely into this deck as econ, you won't get the extra MU and counters though sadly.

I think Indexing maybe a poor choice as you need a fair bit of cash for Overmind and needing 2 run's may slow you down in that respect RDI or Makers eye would be a better fit imo tho you will get hit by any traps then.