Rene Loop Arcemont - 5th place at a CO

Sanjay 3525

Note: this deck is no longer legal with the current ban list. It just took me a while to publish it though because I wanted to accompany it with a 90 slide lecture.

The shell of this deck is Cezve and Prognostic Q-Loop, which is enormously fun and everyone should try out. The original deck was out of Az but, unfortunately, I discovered it played better with a more generic, more efficient ID who is also in love with a wolfman.

I played Clot in the deck a little bit because I was expecting a lot of Sportsmetal at the tournament, but mainly because I was putting together this video, and I figured I ought to actually play some Clot if I'm going to lecture about it.

I did successfully Clot someone and it felt great, even if it was awkward at the time because if you see a Clot you want to surprise install on top of your deck, it means you aren't allowed to draw any more.

Anyway, I hope you like my Clot Windows explainer video, I hope you try out some Q-loop Crim because it is a blast, and I hope you have a nice day.

14 Nov 2022 Buppu2099

Sir, you are a scholar and a saint. Thank you very much for the explainer video.