Just (Not) According to Keikakurenbo

Utati 37

Deckbuilder's note keikakurenbo means plan

My runner deck is here, and is much better than this.

My gameplan was to regenesis an obokata out of archives, using the effect on Kakurenbo to re-flip obokata facedown if needed. However, Kakurenbo installs a card from archives, rather than hq, so you would have to have both the obokata and regenesis in archives to do this combo. I didn't learn this until after the end of the tournament, rereading the card, which was fine because I was never close to pulling it off anyway. I did manage to score a regenesis turn two against @hiddenaway by installing it behind ice and hansei reviewing the obokata. I did go on to lose that match however.

The matches I played were SecondSkin on the snarebear freedom which I won, Hiddenaway on his special brew value sable and Sauc3, also on the snarebear freedom, which I also lost.