Glitch's Key Cutter

Glitch 385

I've been wanting to make an aggressive style of Anarch for a little while now and came up with this. With the right draws you can play Parasite up to 18 times. A couple of cards here will be swapped out once O&C is out. Plascrete Carapace will be swapped for Steelskin, and Knight will be swapped for Eater because of the Blue Sun match up (which is the same reason why I've gone with Xanadu over Rook). Hades Shard is a back up, worst case scenario sort of card, mainly for the Industrial Genomics or central guarding Tennin Institute match up, but can be used in a pinch in case the corp just starts to heavily guard Archives after being hit with Keyhole a bunch of times.

I'm a really big fan of the lone copy of Wyrm as a back up to Datasucker. Often times people will just attempt the purge virus counters off of Datasucker, or just try to destroy it and think they're safe, which Wyrm remedies.

23 Jan 2015 Pinkwarrior

Am not sure you'll need the Wyrm when you swap to Eater. It maybe worth looking at something for that slot for when Order & Chaos comes out.

23 Jan 2015 Glitch

@Pinkwarrior I was thinking about swapping Wyrm for a third copy of D4v1d

24 Jan 2015 Pinkwarrior

Yeah that sounds good you can never have 2 many D4v1d's