Hades Shard

♦ Hades Shard 7[credit]

Resource: Virtual - Source
Influence: 1

Whenever you make a successful run on Archives, instead of breaching Archives, you may install this resource from your grip, ignoring all costs.

[trash]: Breach Archives. You cannot access cards in the root of Archives during this breach.

Limit 1 per deck.

Illustrated by Seage
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First Contact (fc)

#59 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
First Contact

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What once started as Jackson Insurance in my Noise deck has now become a must-include card in all my decks. Why? People love relying on Jackson Howard! You would be surprised how many agenda points this guy has gotten me when I drop him unexpectedly while playing Reina Roja: Freedom Fighter or even The Professor, and how many times those points resulted in a game winner. People will treat Archives like some kind of run-proof vault in which they will feel secure cramming every agenda in their deck, their Social Security Number, and all incriminating photos of themselves as long as they have their favorite yellow card on the table, sated by that shit-eating grin.

It is a cheap, dirty, and craven way to win, but I encourage every Runner to do the same. Jackson Howard Dependency Disorder (JHDD) is a rampant illness in this game, and the only way to fight it is to force the Corp to be more creative.

(The Source era)
So very true. Wins me approx 15% of games. Dead useful against glacier types who think a single jacko is sufficient insurance against having multiple agendas in archives while constantly overdrawing into their hand. Amazing how many players don't understand the timing if installed from hand —
Thank you guys for the tip :) Just went from zero to eight (+3 on film critic) playing against Industrial Genomics. I just played naive, and avoided touching his Jackson :) —
I agree fully, I headed to this page to post a similar review. But I must say, you put it better than I would have :) —

Reinforcing Addison's review, I wanted to make the interactions with this card very clear. If you decide to run it, all players should know it's most important interaction.

If you play this resource as a 7-credit card and use it immediately, there is no window in which the Corp can utilize Jackson Howard before you do. Your turn, your effects take priority.

Playing this card using the free mechanic may be a mistake, because the Archives run itself prompts the Corp to use Jackson before it is in play. And this card does not prevent the Corp from installing Jackson on their turn, overdrawing, discarding, and using the last window on their turn to activate Jackson before you do, due to priority.

Unless you are seeking a specific strategy, it is almost always best to play this card from your grip.

(The Source era)
Thanks for the insight! I've always been using the free mechanic and never thought about playing it out of hand. That said, using the free mechanic early in the game is a good way to put pressure on the corp as an aggressive runner. The corp risks having archives accessed at any point in the game, so drawn Agendas are often kept in HQ or played in servers. —