CtM - 21@worlds - "Und Nuutzen!"

Inermis 745

5-3 at words.

Day 1
Win Null (#172) - He miscounted the math on CS run Win Hayley (#2 CritHitd20) - I have Purged Clot when there were no SacCons, and FA GFI
Lost to Hayley (#15 thebigunit3000) - I was missing crucial assets at the beginning
Lost to Smoke (#89) - Maw Smoke :(
Win Alice (#65) - Lucky win, as my opponent got tagged in his last click so I could trash 2 CV. Then he went tagme, so I could psycho the GFI that was on the table since turn 2.
Win Hayley (#92) - I had bankers turn 1 and forced to run. I also had HHN. She was drawing mainly breakers and no economy.

Day 2
Win Quetzal (#36) - Win in time 3 to 2. Last turn he did not removed tag after Sea Source, so i EoI 15 Minutes from remote (double advanced) EoI for Beal and shuffle 15 minutes into the deck. Lol
Lost to Geist (#12 Heinzel) - 4 link is to much to Handle for this CTM