2nd Place Euregio VII - "Und Nuutzen!"-CtM

JackMade 2975

I will add a description later. Went 5-1 only losing to Apocalypse Edward Kim.

23 Oct 2017 presheaf

I've been having a lot of fun with this. Forcing people to trash Team Sponsorship with a scored ARES is my kind of NPE. Looking forward to the writeup, as I feel like I'm playing it wrong somehow. You get to make a lot of choices with this deck as DBS tends to stick around, so what do you prioritize?

23 Oct 2017 JackMade

I'll do that as soon as i can, but since this week the fair "Spiel" is taking place in Essen i will not be able to do so until Monday.

Just one thing i can tell you right now. I played this deck the very first time and built it the night before.

23 Oct 2017 dome_

<3 much love!!!