Grail Genomics

thrazznos 433

Core cards in this ID imho are:

  • Shock

  • Jackson Howard

  • Pad Campaign

  • Ronin

  • Sundew

  • Snare!

For this particular version, I decided to go for the grail, they are fairly taxing, mess with the game pace, and are pretty good with Celeb Gift. People are building this ID all over the place, so it makes it hard to know what to expect.

Excalibur has many uses in this particular deck, primarily:

  • Excalibur over archives, the runner either accesses shocks, and then can't run your ronins, or the Runner jacks out and wastes their time.

  • Excalibur over your scoring remote. If you have a Nisei Token, or you win caprice game, they can't run again. This card has amazing synergy with caprice + ash

  • Excalibur on any grail ice you can land, you can use this with discretion, but its' more powerful than I initially expected.

Identity Strategy:

The way this identity works depends on what kind of strategy you are going for. This particular deck goes for a taxing strategy. Shocks dissuade runs on archives, but you need to ice to create further dissuasion. There are basically 3 major phases:

  • You have no ice on archives, but a few cards. If your asset econ gets too strong, the runner will run archives and trash it all.

  • You have some ice on archives. The runner doesn't want to run archives, but you can force them to choose between that and going all in. This is the phase where sundew shines.

  • You have stuff in archives, but you are in the lategame. The runner REALLY doesn't want to do this and also try to run your scoring remote. This is the phase where your snare's shine, and your econ will be left alone, but that doesn't matter as much cause you are near winning.

Deck strategy:

You want to get ice over your centrals as soon as possible, particularly archives. Grail can help you here, cause it can keep the early game going longer than normal. Amazing early game cards are jackson and Pad Campaign. Feel free to dump your agendas, especially The Future Perfect, and even more if you have ice over archives + Jackson. Hold excalibur in hand unless you get 2 or the runner gets a way to break all ice types. If you can score a Nisei, you are in an amazing position. Once you get a decent amount of ice over archives, you can consider dropping a caprice there, or you can try to score with it. If you dump agendas in archives and ICE it off, the runner can't really easily trash jackson either, so he can feel pretty safe. Your goals are to get economy going, and get an ice setup. If they leave your econ, JACKSON. This deck plays like RP but faster, cause you can play your sundews naked as long as they don't run archives. They WILL run archives at some point, so prepare some nasty ice OR caprice. Feel free to mushin Ronin's once you get into the midgame, you will likely draw them because the runner really doesn't want to trash them off R&D.

Situational Cards:

  • Shinobi, this is in here if they completely ignore your money and run reckless. You would think the bad pub is suicide, but once you get into the mid/late game, it doesn't mattter that much.

  • Snare!, This card is fantastic, but only if there is stuff in archives. Never install it, it keeps your hand safe, and the pains the runner to trash it in addition to all the other stuff.

  • Sundew, This isnt situational, but playing it early requires a bit of skill. Try to wait till the midgame to put them out.

  • Ronin, another midgame card. You can Mushin one of these out and it makes it hard for them to run archives and not die right after, especially with excalibur.

  • Excalibur, this card is very powerful, but you have to use it correctly. See addenum above.

  • Nisei MK II, Obviously, this card is fantastic, but you might ask why I am not running NAPD. The simple reason is, if they really feel like they need to run archives, Nisei can ruin their day. + All the other amazing reasons, right?

Feel free to comment, this is like my 20th iteration of this deck. I have been trying lots of different things, and I really like this version. It plays sorta like RP, but you get this fancy horizontal massive econ game going where sundew is a beast, and they must run archives, then in one turn deal with one or many ronins, as well as one or many sundews. Ronin also can get kills off Merlin. Happy Running!

18 Jan 2015 ttsgosadow

Nice deck! Been playing against IG a couple of times, and these are cards that I found strong in the ID as well:

  • Reuse, a way to dump cards in archives fast while also getting you credits
  • Crisium Grid, already expensive to trash, but with some cards in archives its so nasty. Not even unique, and counters lots of cards, especially those for multi-access and account syphon.

Your deck looks cool, think I might take a (your) IG deck to a tournament, it really messes up the flow of the game = much fun!

18 Jan 2015 Dydra

I think I should make a PE Caprice n Ashe deck and say how strong it is, just to prove STRONG MY DECK IS ...

P.s. on a side note Caprice on Archives on Geneconomisc is nasty ....

18 Jan 2015 Dydra

P.s.s. Reuse doesn't work in Geneconomics ... I've tried it with Jacksons on the table and +3 cards until click 2, but still no ...

Power Shutdown on the other hand ...

19 Jan 2015 Quillet

Ever think of running Red Herrings alongside or even in place of Ash 2X3ZB9CY? It's a lower rez cost and it's just as effective as an Ash provided the runner doesn't have more than 5 credits after running through your server (although Ash can be trace pumped on scoring or put onto archives) plus Red Herrings doesn't require an economic commitment past the rez. Just an idea.

19 Jan 2015 thrazznos

I have considered Red Herrings, but I would only run it alongside ash. Ash protects caprice, while Red Herrings doesn't. This ID does a unique job of making Red Herrings hard to trash, which is nice. As it is, however, Caprice + Ash is sufficient to protect agendas.

19 Jan 2015 Jashay

Why Industrial Genomics? I'm not seeing any particular need for that exact ID, and I think RP would run this better.

Also, worried about ICE density here. Since Excalibur is unique, you effectively only have 13 ICE to protect 3 central servers and a scoring remote. And if you're keeping at least one of each other Grail ICE in hand that's 10... I think you might be relying on Galahad a bit too much for spreading ETR.

As a couple of problems I've had with Industrial Genomics and Grail ICE; Imp wrecks both, hard. And canny runners will keep running archives in the early game to keep your ability in check. At that point you are unlikely to have more than a single Shock! there. This can leave you stuck in the early game for a crazy amount of time. Also, watch out for decks that focus on centrals, as they negate your ability for the most part.

19 Jan 2015 thrazznos

Why Industrial Genomics? This is really the most important question, so I will tell you what I have found, and you can judge it for yourself.

In certain cases, IG plays very similar to RP. The runner reaches a point where they must run archives before they run your remotes. The key difference, is that for IG, the runner must successfully run Archives specifically, AND access. This works similarly to RP, except you don't have to focus as much at keeping painful ice on the outside. Also, because this 1 server matters so much, you can do things you would never do in RP, such as put caprice on Archives, or ICE archives harder than other servers, or even Protect it with a Nisei Token O.O.

Secondly, what does IG bring to the table that nobody else does? There are actually a few things:

  • IG has a much harder time losing their assets off remotes
  • IG has a much harder time losing their assets off centrals
  • IG builds a debt for the runner by filling archives and installing asset econ, similar to RP, but allowing them to play far more horizontal
  • IG can play VERY FAST if the runner allows them to build their econ. IF the runner leaves your sundews because they are not prepared to run archives + Celeb gift allows you to build a remote very quickly and dig for agendas.

Admittedly, decks that go for very early central pressure are difficult to deal with. This particular deck relieves central pressure by building remote pressure. If the runner ignores the Ronins/Sundews, they are going to have a very hard time preventing the corp from getting setup. Truly, sometimes ICE can be thin, but I personally don't think this ID needs more than 15 ice. Jinteki is uniquely fantastic at making run's difficult by means other than ice.



Yes, Imp counters this ID very hard. Unfortunately, I see no way around it. Grail is especially weak, but keeping a few snares in hand helps quite a bit. This is probably my #1 reason for considering not running Grail.

Hades Shard:

This card exists, and if you suspect it, it changes your game quite a bit. If you suspect Hades shard, do not leave your Nisei's in Archives, do not Caprice Archives, and do not put more than 2 ICE on archives. Feel free to leave shocks and Future Perfect's in archives. Once it has been used, feel free to continue on your merry way.


This one, I don't know what to do about this. From what I hear, this guy can access your archives and access 0 cards. On the one hand, the runner accesses 0 agendas, on the other, they avoid all shocks, and turn off your ability. I will have to just see, at least Swordsman is in faction.

19 Jan 2015 thrazznos

Just had an interesting consideration with Red Herrings, you could throw this onto archives, and if you leave agendas in there, the Red Herrings would apply to every agenda the runner accessed that run, which is pretty silly. If you manage to make Archives taxing enough, this could be totally worth it. Side note, this would also work with with Strongbox/Ronin.

9 Nov 2015 cmcadvanced

they can just trash red herrings before they access, after they flip them up. though, it's good for one run, it's not the best. if it were 1 inf, probably a great idea.