Program: Virus • Install: 2 • Memory: 1 • Influence: 3

Place 2 virus counters on Imp when it is installed.

Once per turn, you may remove 1 hosted virus counter to trash a card you access at no cost (even if it cannot normally be trashed).

Something wicked this way comes.
Anarch • Wen Xiaodong • What Lies Ahead 3
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  • Trashing two cards for 2 is nearly always good value
  • ability to trash normally untrashable cards like Operations and Ice is very powerful
  • applies strong pressure to R&D, HQ and cards in remote servers all at once
  • sufficiently fears by Corps that sometimes installing it can provoke the Corp to spend a turn purging virus counters


  • only two uses then it runs out
  • uses up MU for a non-breaker, so your rig may require extra support hardware to support all programs at once
  • Corp can purge virus counters to completely disarm an installed Imp

Notable Interactions

  • The extra virus counter provided by Grimoire is particularly valuable on Imp as it gives it +50% more usage
  • Great for trashing powerful combo-piece Operations the Corp is holding onto, such as Scorched Earth, SEA Source, Neural EMP, Biotic Labor
  • Also worthwhile using to trash expensive assets or upgrades like SanSan City Grid or The Root
  • A good virus to use with Noise since you want to keep re-installing it, which will re-trigger Noise's ability, plus the extra trashing synergizes with all the milling from Noise's ability
  • Scavenge can be used on an Imp to trash it then immediately re-install it to refresh its virus tokens
  • Once used up, this can be sold to Aesop's Pawnshop, then recurred to your grip with Déjà Vu
  • As long as you don't use the last virus counter on an Imp, Virus Breeding Ground can be used to recharge it every turn

Final Thoughts

  • Deceptively powerful card, this is often brought into other runner factions, even for 3 inf
  • One of the most powerful Anarch cards, worth throwing into many Anarch decks even if they don't particularly synergize with the rest of the deck
  • Don't forget it can only be used once per turn,
    • although multiple installed Imps can each be used once a turn
(Order and Chaos era)
"As long as you don't use the last virus counter on an Imp, Virus Breeding Ground can be used to recharge it every turn" —
Why is that? I don't see anything about Imp being trashed when the last virus counter is removed. —
Never mind. I didn't read Virus Breeding Ground closely enough. —
If my logic is correct, you could also use this to trash a card already in the archives. Sounds useless, but imagine the look on the corp's face when you trash that Director Haas they thought was safe in archives and score it. —
...nevermind, found the ruling on that. Dang. —