Cannon Rush (4-0) 2nd @ APAC Swiss

bing005 254


This is my list for APAC continentals. Went 4-0 on the day against some tough competition.

I'll quickly write about my personal criteria for building and using a deck like this and also briefly how it plays. For me it's reminiscent of a photon cannon rush in starcraft.

My Criteria

  1. Rushy
  2. Killy

Game Plan

The main plan is to get malapert + arella + mostly advanced (4 advanced works) city works into remote. When you come across another 5/3 you pop the city works searching for sacrifice / oberth, install the second agenda with arella, sacrifice it placing jemison advance tokens, score second agenda and search for a 6 damage neuro.

The city works acts a giant trap protecting the malepert and arella.

You can also just double neurospike if that comes out first.

Jemison offers good potential for tricky lines but I probably need to change my ice suite to utulize that angle better. This deck was virtually untested prior to the event and made at the last minute. It's definetly not a fine tuned list.

Thanks so much to @inactivist for running a great day yesterday and good luck to to the dropbears @gilesdavis @nbkelly competing in the top 8 today.

Special little thanks to @gizmaluke for getting me on to the neurospike / malapert!


Some decent considerations might include; +2 Stand Off, -1 ice, -1 hedge fund +1 Digital rights management, -1 spin doctor

14 Aug 2021 Radiant

This is a really cool list! Can't wait to see what the refined versions are like in a few weeks

15 Aug 2021 Davidmc7

Well done, mate!

15 Aug 2021 bing005

i'm tempted to put 2 stand-off in here to change ice structure and offer an option for pulling 2 neuros.

15 Aug 2021 manveruppd

2xArella 1xOberth is galaxy brain! :o

16 Aug 2021 Inactivist

Devastated we didn't get to see this in the cut.

17 Aug 2021 rotage

How does this hold up vs Apocalypse decks? Can't they just blow up your remote?

17 Aug 2021 bing005

Re Rotage: Probably - didn't really test this deck. The deck can easily kill around turns 5/6/7 so if there caught setting up its totally possible.

22 Aug 2021 Vocke

This might be my favourite decklist in a whole while!! Great stuff

22 Aug 2021 Krasty

So I can said, after next continentals, this deck is awsome ... with almost same list I ended 4:2 .. two wins was just scored out, two murders ... two looses was with Apo MaxX (piloted by @mjp) and some CS Zahya with Obelus (I had so bad start in this match-up)