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Undefeated on Jnet.

I don't know how many people recognize this, but Upayoga is basically insane in GameNET. If it fires just bid 1 and runner bids one so runner loses 2 and you gain your 2 back from your ID. If you win the psi then you can get Gold Farmer levels of value. This value will help you establish glacier dominance and eventually your Reeducation Neural EMP kill.

See you at Worlds!

7 Oct 2020 valerian32


8 Oct 2020 N0R5E

With game theory you can actually boost your Upayoga subs to a net 1.66

The corp should bid 0 at 16.6% and 1 at 83.3% (there's also a second equilibrium 1 at 66.6% and 2 at 33.3%)

This forces the runner to bid 0 at 66.6% and 1 at 33.3%, if they deviate from this strategy the net only increases for you

Enjoy your net 3.33 per encounter

8 Oct 2020 N0R5E

Free Lunch might be better. Same cost and strength, influence free, and a net of 2 per sub if you spend the counters on any run

15 Oct 2020 StaticSky

This is a remarkably fun deck to pilot. The Reeducation-Neural EMP kill is a delightful surprise.

Thanks for sharing the list!