Argus: GenCon 8th Place (Undefeated Swiss)

Caedus 39

This is pretty much the same deck that Osclate has been stomping runners with. Swapped an Oaktown for a Broad Daylight, which I liked, felt it slowed them down enough for some extra scoring windows. Also swapped a Mausolus for a Surveyor, wish I had done a second one tbh.

I've been playing for less than a year and dont remember my matchups in detail like a lot of great write-ups tend to, but I had a first round bye, then beat what I believe was a Wu, a 419 and a Hayley (I could be totally wrong on that). Wu I scored out, 419 was a timed win and against Hayley I just rushed before they got breakers.

In the top cut I got wrecked by a very talented very young man playing Val who rebirthed into Ed Kim and WRECKED my hand. Tbh I was agenda flooded and had very little ICE but he played superbly and earned that win!

The tourney was ran very very well and I had a blast! Too bad my Leela deck wasn't firing on all pistons, I didn't win once with my runner xD

15 Aug 2019 Caedus

I also forgot to mention that I had my baby on my shoulders during my last few games and my opponent's were all very kind in allowing me to do what I needed to, some even offered to help while not playing - best community ever! <3