EArgus - We protect your digital Rights! 52nd @Worlds (5-1),

AxWill 374

Just another Argus from the Worlds. My other deck was Apoc Omar, which is way more interesting even though it had a worse track record.

Card choices:

  • Corporate Sales Team, Oaktown is probably better but this does not signal score right away, after all it could be NGO (only two of them really helps).
  • DRM, there are moments when you have perfect moment to jam agenda on remote, but you just don't have any. This felt like good inclusion, even though I had to cut one Raven for it.
  • Hard-Hitting News, this was other cut option, but as your kill plan is based on the News, you should try to see one asap.
  • 2x Consulting Visit, really liked this one. Did not anything in some matches, but when it mattered, it mattered a lot. credit denial, tags, kill, this card is the missing piece of your kill combo.
  • Prisec, 3x, definitely helps to slow down runner a lot, might even give you a kill on careless ones.
  • Border Control + Excalibur, these are your way to jam the final agenda. Did not predict Pelangi to be so prevalent, but I've never been great with meta-calls.
  • IP Block, Slot Machine was my other choice, but if opponents answer to Excalibur is an AI, this helps you.
  • No Preemptive Action. If you have to play this as Argus, you are already losing, better to have cards that further your gameplan in the first place.

What to change:

  • One Mausolus could be Afshar, but on the other hand most of the time you want to see first one over the second.
  • Tech cards, agenda and ice suite to taste. This version of Argus has rush potential, but both kill out and score out for mid-long game as well. One could argue for a shift in either in the direction of early game rush (cut Excalibur) or long-game plan (add Archer/Surveyor.

Game plan was classic Argus, Ice remote, (at some point) Ice RnD, jam stuff on remote and score while daring runner to run too soon and die.

Tournament results (5-1):

  • R1. Win. 419. Tournament starting stress, don't remember if I won with score or kill.
  • R2. Win. 419. Quick rush, got 7 points round before Apocalypse would have wrecked my board.
  • R3. Win. Alice. Got Apoced at least once, which is not easy. Finally managed to build a remote and score out the win.
  • R4. Win. Hayley. This one went really tight and on last round runner saw two cards from RnD (3/8 were winning agendas), but while doing that, went all-in with tag-me and I got a kill.
  • R5. Loss. Hayley. This time Hayley got good draw, econ and misdirection so I didn't really have a fighting chance.

  • R6. 241 with runner. Win.

  • R7. Win 241. Liza. High-Profile Target in opening hand. Could have gone differently, if I'd gotten Embezzled.

  • R8. 241 with runner. Win.

  • R9. 241 with runner. Loss.

Thanks for all the Nisei people for arranging the tournament and all the great people I got chance to meet and play against! This is so great game with so great people, I'm so happy I got a chance to be part of the weekend.