Betcha can't click through all of it!

Trizzy613 142

Bioroid-centric foundry deck that uses Brain-Taping Warehouse

8 Apr 2015 Father Tork

Both Oversight AI and Bioroid Efficiency Research will prevent use of The Twins. As teh ICE will be trashed/derezzed before the second encounter...

8 Apr 2015 Trizzy613

@Father Tork That's what Tyr's Hand is for...

8 Apr 2015 Father Tork

Tyr's Hand as punishment for not having enough clicks, or for countering cards like D4v1d is great. If they're using a breaker to break the ICE, Try's Hand will force them to pay 1 or 2 creds more, then still prevent the The Twins from working.

9 Apr 2015 Four_Leaf

as already stated, if they have a breaker out to deal with the ice, tyr's hand will only cost them an additional credit, however, this hits clicks hard. If it isn't going to hit their clicks though, this card is actually more expensive for you to play than it is for them to deal with.

Maybe instead of tyr's include Heinlein Grid? The thing I found with Tyr when I experimented is this: If they want to get in late in the game, they can. Clicking and D4vid recursion with clone chips or a stealth kit with sucker support will break your ice. Tyr can help, but never stops them dead. Your best case scenario I think is to say "no, you don't get in unless your rig is full. You can't click through". Idk, let me know how your testing with tyr's go. I couldn't make it work.

Add a single Wotan to your list in place of a heimdall 2.0. It's a legit scoring window by itself early in the game or mid game with an Ichi 1.0 or Eli 1.0 in front of it. No one can "click" through his routines. They have to murder their whole rig to get in. Looking better than the last list!