Operation: Condition • Cost: 3 • Influence: 2

Rez a piece of bioroid ice, ignoring all costs, and install Bioroid Efficiency Research on that ice as a hosted condition counter with the text "Trash Bioroid Efficiency Research and derez host ice if all of its subroutines are broken during a single encounter."

Haas-Bioroid • Emilio Rodriguez • Creation and Control 13
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Bioroid Efficiency Research

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Beefy Bioroid ice like Wotan would be a very effective combo with this card, at strength of 10 and four subroutines, which unlike other Bioroids can't be broken. (Yes the first subroutine can be bypassed by loosing two clicks, but letting a fire and unloading it's payload means that the is NOT being broken). So unless the runner poinies up resources and actually uses abilities &/or ice breakers to actually break the subroutines, Wotan backed up by Bioroid Efficiency Research will likely remain rezzed and doing it's business for the rest of the game saving the corp the 14 install cost.

Blue Sun: Powering the Future can turn Bioroid Efficiency Research and expensive ice into a nifty financial boon many other combos would have difficulty matching. Imagine collecting 15 from 1 Janus 1.0 card installing it three times for a whopping 45 in a single game!


Can open up flat-line kill opportunities

Huge savings can make prohibitively expensive ICE useful


Ice is only rezzed on corps turn, no element of surprise

Without element of surprise, runner may actually be encouraged to run where before there was hesitancy

Ice is vulnerable to being trashed

Limited only to Bioroid ice


Yeah, it's useful. But it's limited probably to HB or perhaps a Blue Sun: Powering the Future Weyland deck.

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I used it in my "Stronger together" HB since you don't have the economy boost of EtF this is a way to pay a Wotan or a Janus for 3 creds. The minus part: you're telling "here there is a Heimdall 2.0" so unless you can bluff well it's giving information you may not want to give to the runner —
Outside of Wotan I think its best use isn't protecting a something so much as taxing the runner without taxing yourself and thereby opening a scoring window. In that situation it doesn't matter if the runner knows what your ice is so long as it costs them $$$ to get through. (In fact it may even be better if they know what it is and can get through it.) —