Tree Wu (10th @ Circuit Breaker Invitational)

Sokka 5083

This deck is sick. My corp deck is sick. And I am sick 🤒🤒. That is all.

Check out my stream! (Especially the super intense last game)

I also just realized that on the last turn of the last game, the runner had 10 credits and that was credit perfect to steal the Send a Message because they only need 5 to break the net damage sub on Anansi.

Shoutout to the Unband team and specifically Peter H for helping me tune this deck.

There is a brief decklist discussion in the stream (you can find it in the timestamps). As always, happy to answer questions in the comments :)

15 Jan 2023 Two_EG

Tracker here is genius lol

Does it work well?

15 Jan 2023 Sokka

@Two_EG I technically have never used it due to a lack of games but I can confidently say that it does work well and is an excellent tech card in this deck given the current corp situation

18 Jan 2023 dormio

Do we have any efficient-ish way of dealing with Chiyashi besides boat counters? 8c with Cleaver and turbine out, which I suppose is almost as good as Paperclip

18 Jan 2023 Sokka

@dormio the best we have is two boat counters + 2 credits with Tracker