Please don’t like this deck,I don’t deserve slots for it

AxWill 355

A power too great

Strong deck, horrible wristpain.

This is the deck Sokka took to CBI. Just before we started, my friends taunted me to add a card so I’d need to make a separate claim afterwards. In reality, my only relevant - and questionable - contribution here is to be oblivious enough to take this to a live tournament.

My corp deck was combo R+ by Kikai.

I added HART, mainly to give me a second copy of NFL in case I'd need it (and actually drew HART). It also gives longevity for a deck that already has plenty, which is a great use of a card slot.

Drew it twice: once it actually helped, second time I had more important things to do. Too small of a sample to really say if it was smart or dumb. But when in doubt, the answer is usually dumb.

Great deck for online play, in our casual GNK:

  • 3/4 rounds effectively went on time even though I had a fast corp. Last one was really close as well.
  • The amount of missed triggers was enormous since there is so much going on. I estimate 5+ forgotten boat counters and the other stuff on top of that. And I consider myself ok with trigger heavy decks.
  • Even though the list is powerful, finding the best line takes time since there is a whole toolbox of options.
  • The actual handling and execution of World Tree in meatspace is pain. It took way too much of the tournament clock and now the day afterwards my wrist is hurting due to excessive shuffling.

So unless you have sleight-of-hand lvl.100 to make shuffling a breeze, I don’t recommend taking this to a live tournament. Practically it just says ”you’ll shuffle 60+ card deck 1-2 times per round on average.”

Anyways, I won.

Big thanks to the organizers and players in the tournament. And shoutout to Team Unband for all the prep and support, as always.