Angry Geist 1.2 (3rd Place Raven's Nest SC)

thesubatomic 165

This deck is just about card for card the same as the list @dodgepong submitted last week. I made a last minute decision to play this instead of the Nexus Kate deck that I've been working on for a while and it took me to 3rd at our most recent SC. On the day, this deck went 4-2, losing in round 1 to my Fiance playing Blue Sun, and then in elimination to CTM.

There are a few changes that I made in preparation for the tournament that I will outline below.

2x On the Lam vs. 2x NACH - I decided to substitute On the Lam for NACH and I think it was a good call. I expected more damage at this SC, and especially more Blue Sun running Midseason Replacements. This ended up being the correct call, even though I didn't need it for my only Blue Sun matchup of the day. NACH is entirely useless against Midseason and I wanted On the Lam to help skew the math in my favor. An interesting high point for On the Lam for the day was playing against a Mushin trap deck and being able to face check four 4-advanced Junebugs without flinching. Serious business here!

1x GS Sherman vs. 1x Corroder - In anticipating a higher percentage of Blue Sun and Weyland in general, I made a meta call to switch to Sherman which allows me to more efficiently break their massive barriers. 100% a meta call. Expect Blue Sun? Play Sherman.

1x Inside Job vs. 1x Special Order - This was another meta call aimed at Blue Sun. (I really did expect a lot.) Pretty self explanatory, saves tons of money by bypassing massive ice.

I can't really offer any play advice that hasn't already been posted. The deck is very good and it carried me to 3rd after having played it only once before the tournament.