Angry Geist 1.1 (3rd Place Meeple Madness Store Champ)

dodgepong 1796

I piloted this deck to 3rd place at the Meeple Madness Store Championship. Its only loss was due to a really bad misplay on my part in the Loser's Finals, which knocked me out -- but huge props to Alex Beacham who beat me in that game with his really sweet decks.

My corp deck on the day was beyoken's Potatos Unleashed deck. I brought it to be goofy but it ended up not doing half bad.

This list is identical to the deck I took to 67th place at Worlds except for one change, which I'll discuss below.

In the original list, the 3rd Crescentus is a flex slot, since you usually don't need all 3 and seeing one early is usually useless. A 3rd SOT is another option for moar Siphon. Inside Job is another option for surprise pressure, or early accesses when you're not set up yet.

However, on the day I decided to try it as a Special Order instead. I was concerned about rush matchups, particularly Blue Sun, and I had been hitting some issues not being able to find the right permanent breaker in time. Special Order can get me the right breaker at the right time in order to contest such rush deck more effectively. Also, I was mildly concerned about how many people might be taking Potential Unleashed, so fetching a permanent breaker before it gets milled seemed like a good idea to me. This turned out to be true, since 4 players out of 21 brought PU, and I faced two of them.

As a final note, in the original writeup, I discussed 3x Temujin not feeling right. However, I have since backtracked on this and feel that 3x Temujin is right. In fact, I would recommend hard-mulling for Temujin, since a single Temujin can pay for half your deck. It can also keep you afloat until you find Tech Traders, which helps shore up that classic Geist weakness (not finding Tech Traders).

Overall I still really like the deck. 1-click Siphons are always fun, and it can wreck a lot of Yellow decks.

5 Dec 2016 Fruggles

"Helps shore up that classic Geist weakness (not finding Tech Traders)." I died, that was great.

You see any Best Defense on the day? I forgot to ask about that. I didn't really play anyone running it.

5 Dec 2016 dodgepong

No, I never played against any Best Defense. I know there were some out there, though, I just dodged them all.

17 Dec 2016 codychilton13

@dodgepongDid you consider running any number of security chips or were they mostly unnecessary? I really like the list! Keep up the awesome work!

17 Dec 2016 dodgepong

I've tried Security Chip in the past, and while it's fun, it's usually not worth the influence. If I had an extra influence in this build I would easily spend it on another Employee Strike.

2 Feb 2017 poorhaus

@dodgepongAny thoughts on Aaron MarrĂ³n or On the Lam instead of NACH as a way to tune the tag avoidance here? I've tested 1x Forger 1x Aaron 2x On the Lam and seems well-positioned, esp with CTM subsiding a little.

3 Feb 2017 dodgepong

I haven't played this deck since Quorum came out, so take this with a grain of salt: Aaron seems good, but I don't really like On The Lam unless I expect a lot of damage. I like NACH because of how repeatable it is if I can chain Siphons, but if you don't find yourself able to do that then OTL is probably fine.