Mti Never Dies (2nd in 2 Eternal pods at Euros '19)

swabl 337

Despite wanting to play in Eternal pods at Euros, I had no idea what corp I wanted to actually play. Worlds '16 CtM? Nonsense combo CI? Good ol' wholesome EtF? Nothing satisfied, until I realised I could play Mti again and, what's more, play Mti with Caprice Nisei. All suddenly felt right with the world.

Short on time and mental energy, I just copied Armored Ascetic's list and made what I feel were sensible changes (jamming 3 GFIs in) and one questionable one (Fast Track, in a format where you've got Jackson Howard for safe digging).

You could probably optimise this further/at all but it felt pretty good and got some solid wins. Didn't get to do Caprice bullshit as much as I would have liked though :(