Idris Elbarcelona - 7th @ B-Com

mcg 1060

In the run up to B-Com I bounced off a number of corps, but I was 100% set on Apoc Val. The only question left was the exact make up of the cards in the flex slots. In the week before, MCAAP was everywhere on jnet, and I thought that Amped Up may be the difference maker I needed. But as it turned out, it made no difference...


On the day the deck went 3-2, while only landing Apocalypses in one game, and that was one of the defeats. In game one against Argus I lost two of them stealing an agenda and hitting a PriSec. By the time I drew the third the chance had long since passed. I managed to top deck the winner after going tag me. In the second game I played a CtM with very little ice. I managed to control their board state without blowing it up and Stargate'd to victory. The third game I was savagely outplayed by Data Loop Aginfusion where I never got close to doing anything. In round 4 I faced Swiftie's Earth Station, which I knew was well-teched against Apoc, but luckily for me not so well-teched against agenda flood, and I scraped an unlikely victory. After IDing the final round, Swiftie was back to exact his revenge in the cut. This time I managed to land two Apocalypses but went too low on credits hitting the second, and died after missing the winning agenda on a Hail Mary HQ run.

I'd like to say that this proves some sort of reg Anarch would have been better, but the results of other players seems to suggest not. Who knows. Better lucky than good, right?

B-Com is awesome. You should all come next year.

16 Mar 2020 vesper

+1000 internet points for the deck title.

Also, Apoc Val is probably Best Val in the current meta ;-)

Thank you so much for being a part of this lovely event! I agree, everyone should join if they can, next year.