ApocAlice - 1st London Regionals

leachrode 1241

Spags' Apocalice with the suggested tweak of the Direct Access for a second Deuces wild then with 2 dirty laundry over the turntables. Both changes help you more aggressively make the pivot from moneying up to running and starting the disruption plan against both Gagarin and Argus before they get to match point or get a whole stack of economic warfares in hand.

I'm not entirely sure if apoc is really the place to be in the meta right now, it's got solid game against surveyor + jinja, neh and gagarin all of which I expected to be present and all of which I heavily dislike playing against as reg val but it's pretty cold against IG and Aginfusion, but it is definitely extremely fun and watching a series of opponents really think about how to play around Alice was a fun upside. The high point of which was Andy Lovell's Gagarin start of "credit, install an asset, ice archives... I don't think I've ever started a game like this..."

21 Jul 2019 spags

Grats! Glad it worked.

I mainly have the Table for MKII and Titan. If you fear seeing neither of those, you're good.

Alice is just fun for

A: Being able to be able to pressure all 3 centrals immediately via Alice/Wanton/Gate

B: Being weird, not normal

21 Jul 2019 rotage

Was fun and very hard to play against it, SDS saved the day for me. Congrats on the result, looking forward to seeing what you bring to Aldeshot

22 Jul 2019 N0R5E

Did you ever run into memory conflicts without Turntable? A single cheap Q-Coherence Chip might help out there.

22 Jul 2019 leachrode

@N0R5E not particularly, I don't think I ever needed to have all 3 breakers installed and a turn where you do you're presumably going for apoc anyway so you can likely let the stargate go, if you're regularly finding that even through ddos you're having to install all 3 breakers to deal with their ice and you're still trying to gate I'd guess you're probably not apoc-ing aggressively enough. If it were an issue I'd probably rather have table back than Q-Coherence as we're making a slot for the reasons Spags mentions

@spags Cheers! The deck is a ton of fun, I was super glad to find it after dredging through a bunch of uninspiring reg val games.

Yea those are pretty compelling reasons to play table, despite the un-restriction of surveyor all the indications was that the meta was going to be super wide and I found the laundries had a more positive impact there just for being able to trigger Alice a couple of times to lay up a wanton destruction then apocalypse afterwards in relative safety. Aginfusion was a real fear without it but it's just not a matchup I'd particularly want to play anyway