Killer Whale

CJ2 47

This is doing two main things.

1) Non-Criminal Assasination

2) Building an fantastic rig, cheaply and quickly

Tao seems to be a good home for Jeitnho becasue the first one comes as a surpise, and you can rearrange ice to keep centrals cheap, and annoying ice on the remote. The 40 card deck size helps find them quick as well.

You've got two ways of getting your mega rig, Spark of inspiration and Test Run/Rejig. You want to rush these at the start to get set up asap. It feels a bit bad hitting turbine, but it gives you staying power.

Stonechip is a source of charge other than orca, Orca can also charge Nuka as well as Lobisomem, if you are needing to dig for a jeitnho at the bottom of the deck.

Bahia bands is good for installing jeitinho, Trickshot and makers eye feel good to do with a centals focused deck, and can get you wins if knife isn't coming together.

Hope people like it and give it a go.


20 Mar 2024 Silent Arbiter

Interesting list! Jeitinho

Got a few questions:

1) Why aren't we playing PPVP in such an heavy events list? you can even install them with Bahia, so much powerful in the game!

2) Have you considered rigging up to install the aniccam / an icebreaker if you draw them before being able to spark? A big + is the second counter on Lobisomem

3) Rejig is really useful? I mean ok, you could reinstall an uncharged lobisomem if needed but is it worth the spot? wouldn't it be better to just play the rigging up?

4) Isn't it a little bit overlapping being on Trick Shot and The Maker’s Eye as r&d pressure? Love the Burner, works sooo well with jeitinho imo (see 2 agendas in hand, put them on the bottom of r&D to be able to close out with jei before the corps score)

5) Would be a totally different list but to tutor jei World Tree exists :3

Thanks for sharing!

20 Mar 2024 CJ2

1) PPVP is probably a good include, will definately try that. Was trying to keep set up low, but having played it again, i think it will be worth it.

3) I only use regig on the same turn as the test run, It becomes effectively a second way of cheating the big cards is sparks are low down in the deck. Could very easily swap Test Run/Regig for Rigging up and more money. But i liked the combo.

4) I've found Trick shot to be more usefull than Makers eye. so far. Burner has been great, for removing agendas or important features of thier decks, Oppo, punative etc.

20 Mar 2024 CJ2

It probably also wants another memory card.

20 Mar 2024 toomuchnoise

I've been running around JNet with something similar, and have some unasked-for suggestions:

1) Aniccam + Draw are incredibly important. You need to see Spark quickly.

2) Sparking into K2CP sucks. It may not be helpful here if it slows down whalewolf times (Lobisomem is apparently Brazilian Portuguese for "werewolf"!).

3) World tree might work, but it only reduces by 3. I couldn't get that to function well.

4) You lose to Weyland without a dedicated fracter. Ice Wall taking a power counter from Lobisomem is the worst feeling, especially when you remember the code gate you maybe had to run on a different server. Not everybody does it yet, but as Lobisomem gets more popular I'm expecting people to start rearranging their ICE placement to make it worse. Pressure Spike seems like a good fit in-faction, although I haven't tested it.

5) You probably need a way to put more power counters on Lobisomem for the late-game. They can tax you out by stacking big barriers (even with the added fracter). Daeg is surprisingly good, is a cat, costs 1 and gets usually 3-4 no-effort no-click power counters per game. Plus, works on steal.

20 Mar 2024 toomuchnoise

For 1, above, I meant to add that going to 3 Aniccam has been incredibly helpful for consistency.