Goldcoats - 3rd at York SC

RotomAppliance 3097

This is a super generic Azmari glacier deck that I took to 3rd place in this SC, played online. You just make a ridiculous amount of money and rez a lot of taxing ice and then win the game. Bellona and Gold Farmer pushed this archetype to tier 1.

This is not the only possible influence spread, though I do think the Border Controls are correct. This deck was built when Apocalypse was a much bigger thing, hence the 7 different cards that prevent it. I still like Crisium as an all round defence against Apoc, DoF, Stargate, Khusyuk and even Omar, but other things can be tried - I've used Scapenet + CVS in those two slots and also just added Surveyor to the ice-suite instead. Ash can be used instead of Bio Vaults, but the deck often has the time and money to setup the latter.

The deck went 4-1, beating Adam, 419, Leela and Hoshiko, losing to Freedom. I think it fares rather well against most Crim decks and has no obvious poor matchups.

Thanks to everyone who made it a good event, and congrats to Aaryn on winning the entire thing.