NPED (5th/Undefeated/👑 Swiss @ OTG/Nats/NANPC TC)

NotAgain 969

Memes for the Beans

Say goodbye to Panic PD. Enter Negative Play Experience Design.

Day before OTG, I grinded out a bunch of games with the actual lists I was playing at OTG.

Cranked: "You're on PD? I was expecting you to play something that's not honest"

Has the NPE Connoisseur finally seen the light and gone rogue? Incorrect.

There is nothing more NPE than making your opponent shudder "Does he win next turn??!?!" for the entire duration of the game. Calling PD an honest deck? That's being played for absolute fools. Just ask the potsmokers on jnet general of their takes on 🅱️eamless Launch & 🅱️anegarm Skunkworks.

Pwwwweaaaseeee let me in the server 👉👈🥺....


But but, what about 🅱️inhole you ask? Get absolutely baited. What do you mean you don't want to spend 9c to get into the server to see what it is after 🅱️inholing a Mavirus.

"🅱️ut their 🅱️urner ate my 🅱️eamless 😩" Who needs 🅱️eamless, score agendas like our lord savior 🅱️amon Stone intended and IAA them.

"But crims ate my moneys!!! 😩" It's okay, what are they going to do, break a bran and get purged? In this economy? "🅱️eamless 🅱️eamless OffOff, take 🅱️ack 🅱️eamless 🅱️install, go"

Reading the Meta

Making meta calls is for nerds. I ain't doing all that, I'm playing PD and a runner that will not be revealed this time (barring exceptions), try your best, make no misplays and you might win. My one observation since I decided to play competitively since last year was that you can play any bumfuck (within reason) deck and if you're piloting it well, you can do great.

One of many examples, Rielle's PE list from American Continentals was something I cooked independently pretty much card for card within a week of RWR's release, but I'm simply not a good enough pilot as Rielle is for it.

"BuT tHaT'S sOkKa & RotOm, ThEY'rE JuST gOod At tHE gAMe" (Sokkan deez nuts /j) Sure, they are the among the best players ever, doesn't mean you can't be too. (Next goal: be better than Rotom at PD 🫡)


The Games

Against Avi (Reg Ari): Snipe gendy, snipe another gendy, jam, win.

Against Dashakan (Sable): Get doofed, big turtle, hit mavirus, win.

Against Robert (Ken): Mmm, making big bank, mmm doof, mmm brans, gg.

Against PiCat (On Kit/cut game/streamed): Nail biter (more info at the end), exploit broke shaper econ, ice placement matters more than you think, win.

How to PD

Up until earlier this year, I did not understand how to play PD, and everyone posting PD decks was like "Yeah this is regass PD, it's good, it just works" and that wasn't very helpful. So I'm going to do my best to explain to anyone who will be in my position from back then.

Jam, bait, and switch is the game. Bait their tech cards, jam gendies behind a glacier, you have 20 agendas in your deck but only some of them are real.

PD is prison. Will you run through a remote to check every single agenda? While paying anywhere from 7-8 credits every time? Be my guest. Pwwwweaaaseeee tell me that's an agenda 👉👈🥺

Why yes, it is an agenda if you don't go and get it, it's not an agenda if you go get it. Schrodonger's gendies.

Install a card, click for 2, classic ETF (shoutout cranked) is a perfect turn. You have baited them into running a mavirus, omegalol. Next turn, same thing, run it back if you can.

You are essentially playing doof. Making the runner lose 5 creds or more every turn voluntarily, playing them for absolute fools.

Against shapers, it's fairly easy to out econ them to open huge scoring windows. Crims, a single mavirus ruins their day. In both of those you need to bait their tricks (compile, test runs, boomerangs, physarums, bypass, pinholes). Omegalol 🅱️inholed a mavirus.

Sickos Shoutout Section (SSS supremacy)

Massive thanks to Jorsh for running OTG and being a pillar of the community, it all finally clicked for me that I simply play and enjoy the game because of the community and wouldn't have cared less otherwise.

Shoutouts preOTG crew: Orb, ctz, cranked, Gorphax, sebk for some game jams.

Shoutouts Orb, cranked, plural for hauling my ass around.

Shoutout Stwyde for some sick ass prize support.

Shoutouts ctz, pj, Kris, Squeeeeeeege, Fucker Fueno, NE meta, and especially Lucas, Kyle, Teo, Dave for not letting me give up on the game after continentals (and for continually jamming a deck that I had once lost hope for but we're so back).

Shoutouts to Malcolm Yards pizza, NYC pizza doesn't have shit on that.

Shoutout PiCat for possibly the most nail biter game of PD I have ever played. I had 2 Ikawahs in hand on the drafter fire which allowed me to safely ignore R&D runs going forward. Also mentioning being anxious cuz I went into it top of swiss "No way anyone's should be scared of playing against me, I'm not even that good, top of swiss be damned".

P.S. You will heart & star this deck or else pe

10 Jun 2024 Grffiin

I swear I will [REDACTED] queue PE into people on JNET if they say they didn't like it

10 Jun 2024 Council

True, PD has always been a NPE. You don't get to play with your cards because they're just done too quickly...

10 Jun 2024 PiCat314

Putting the dongyroge in NPE. Great games, great run, great to meet you!!!

10 Jun 2024 Orbital Tangent

NotAgain putting respect on the name by posting a write-up with so much swagger you could call him Mick Jagger.

But seriously, good run. Thanks for coming, and thanks for the kind words. Shout outs to NotAgain, 10/10, would roast during deck check again.

10 Jun 2024 rapanui

"Calling PD an honest deck? That's being played for absolute fools."


I think PD is the first-order optimal strategy of Corp-side play right now. While runners are always able to punish clunky draws on the Corp side, PD (and arguably Sportsmetal) are the decks best positioned to punish clunky draws on the runner side. Spent 5 clicks drawing and didn't find the boomerang/botulus/code gate breaker? GG, better luck next time.

Nicely done. Good write-up.

10 Jun 2024 ctz
10 Jun 2024 Wenjong

Congrats on the placement, and huge <3 to:

"Yeah this is regass PD, it's good, it just works" and that wasn't very helpful.

So I'm going to do my best to explain to anyone who will be in my position from back then.

10 Jun 2024 pj20

but how is the Knife matchup?!!

11 Jun 2024 sebastiank

Gratz on the run, you displayed some frightening PD skillz on friday so not surprised

11 Jun 2024 evie

huh it truly is regass PD

11 Jun 2024 rongydoge

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17 Jun 2024 lazy

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