Hivemind Maxx 1st at NtscapeNavigator's Store Championship

Heinzel 1293

I used this Maxx list at NtscapeNavigator's online Store Championship.
Pinsels writeup if you want an explanation of the deck.
The only changes i made from the last time i played it is cut a MKUltra to fit a Clot. You could also go to 46 cards to include both. Since you are Maxx and going through your deck in every game the downside isnt too huge while you get another tool in your deck.

The deck went 4-1 during swiss and 3-0 during the cut. The deck asks you to make a lot of decisions depending on the matchup and boardstate which i really like. To me playing it feels a lot like how Netrunner used to be and thats the Netrunner i fell in love with.
There are tech-cards like Magnet and Ark Lockdown that hurt it. While those card are getting included more i don't feel like Maxx will get hated out since it isn't played enough to warrant including too many copies of those. Also the tech-cards are pretty narrow so the decks playing it are paying a substantial opportunity cost for including them.

On the Corp side i used Precision Design.

Thanks to Aki and everyone helping run this amazing tournament. I am still amazed that it was a 70 Player Store Championship.