Mushin-Grid Combo

bblum 4294

I wish I could take credit for the idea to combo Mushin no Shin with Off the Grid. I credit Flickerwisp on Stimhack for it --

Mushin no Shin overcomes the key weakness of Off the Grid that there aren't enough clicks to set it up and IAA a 5-3 in the same turn. Plus, Off the Grid fixes the weakness of Mushin in that it lets your HQ ice do double duty as remote ice. Crisium grid acts like Ash 2x3zb9cy when you install it on HQ, and is useful on its own to boot.

Put together they make a glacier deck that is janky but extremely fun to pilot. Actually I think this is almost competitive; it has more moving parts than the vanilla glacier build, but the upside of reusing HQ ice to protect the remote is very significant.

Punitive Counterstrike seems more inconsistent than it's worth, but I could see shaving a couple ice and the Interns for it if you like meat damage.

4 Nov 2014 aermet69

I've just build a similar deck the other day, and is going to test it tonight in our league. On paper it seems really strong, since you just pull back Off the Grid if you want to, saving you the high rez cost and giving you the rest of the money to advance the agenda and start all over again. Only trouble is finding all the parts. I've really considered putting in Anonymous Tip. Also seemed like a good deck to test Research Station :)