Regional Winner, Boise, Idaho 5/9/2015 - Replicating Perfect

bluebird503 1973

This is the deck I piloted on Corp side to first place at Boise, Idaho regionals. Replicating Perfection is safe, and consistent. I played Grail RP a lot during store championship season, winning me two store champs and then I took it to the SSCI to a top 16 finish. I knew I could play RP even if people were gunning for it, but the Grails seemed like they weren't really doing much in the SSCI. With less criminals in the meta, and the fact that people were adapting for grails meant that I needed to look elsewhere for my ice suite.

Honestly, the core strategy of Replicating Perfection is actually so strong that I think that no matter if your on Ashigarus, or on Grail, or on other random cards, your still going to see some success. Do I know that this is the best RP list? Well, not at all. This is a pretty consistent list though.

I made a last minute change on the night before tournament when talking to a friend, and I cut a wraparound for a second DBS, and replaced an interns for a himitsu bako. This change could have easily cost me, since I played a very talented eater max player that gave me both of my losses that I earned with this deck in the regional, and those 2 cards are fairly strong in that matchup. Also, Interns is just an amazing card with tons of utility, I highly recommend the card.

A lot of players are slotting blacklist which could be a strong consideration here, it really does a lot of work in theory. I have yet to actually play a game where that card is in play, but I can see why it would be very strong.

I played 8 agendas because Sean Pacer Stringfellow had won Tulsa, Regionals with that composition so I knew it was at least playable that way, and I felt like that extra deck slot for a tech card could go a long way. The Hades Fragment actually saved me in the first game of Grand Finals against a very strong eater max player who was keyholing me constantly. 8 agendas also means it just feels like the runner rarely accesses agendas, which is nice, and three of your 3 pointers protect themselves.

Crick is an amazing card, I even had a game against a stealth andy where I had 2x crick and a lotus field on my scoring remote haha. I'm pretty sure 3x is too many, but you really want to see Crick early. It's also similar to Architect where when its positioned somewhere they don't expect it, it often fires.

(The following may not be incorrect, sorry if I remember your Runner wrong)

Round 1: Win: Reina Headlock(vigil) Round 2: Win: Leela Round 3: Win: Stealth Andy Round 4: Loss: Eater/Keyhole MaxX Round 5; Win: Kit

In Double Elims:

Winners Round 1: Win: Calimsha Kate Winners Bracket Finals(rd 3): Loss: Eater MaxX Grand Finals(Game 1): Win: Eater MaxX

All 3 of my losses on the day were to the second place player, he was really talented with that Eater MaxX deck. I've traditionally matched up well against it with RP, but he was extremely good at landing siphons and successfully attacking every central(and my deck size), when I would get protection up, he would just shift somewhere else. What a freaking nightmare.

11 May 2015 rumirumirumirumi

Congrats on your win. I think I was the Leela you beat round 2, and the RP I played was very similar to yours. I didn't end up going with 8 agendas, but after seeing you do so well with it I'll give it a try.

11 May 2015 bluebird503

Thanks, and thanks for the games. I think 8 agendas is worth a shot, there is a lot of wiggle room with RP. Idk what is best for RP because I just haven't played a significant number of games to tell you which is better. My gut tells me that if you can put that extra card to good use like an interns, it might just be the right way to go.

11 May 2015 Heartthrob

Good win man. You piloted that deck like a boss.

12 May 2015 NyanPudge

I definitely underrated Crick going into this event, not a mistake I'm going to make again for certain. I think the Hades decision is an inspired one as well, the lower agenda density is no joke and if you get that thing scored it can save you from so many problems down the line it's fantastic.

17 May 2015 rotage

Great deck, I took this deck with 1 change. +1 Excalibur for -1 Pup and came 1st at a local GSK. My only struggle was against criminal decks with Desperado