What I Played at Nats (US Nationals Top 8, 3rd in Swiss)

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So monday night I posted this in the Seattle Slack.

Ruse setup

Then on tuesday night I posted this.

and knock it out of the park

You’ve been successfully rused.

This is the Whizzard deck that I piloted to 7th/8th place at US Nationals at ETX on 6/4/17 along with a Skorp deck that is much more spicy. You can find that here.

The weekend before nationals was BC regionals and I played a variation of Spags Whizz that was weird and had no IHW and got 4th, but didn't feel good about my performance, especially on runner. I decided I was going to switch it up for this tournament, and started with the deck that won BC, @TrungusWungus Frantic Whizz based on a @simonmoon original brew. I started there, tested and refined for a moon meta (which I didn't play against all day), and played it here.

The Deck:

Very simple game plan, but very flexible. Getting opus early is almost always the best play, as it enables your whole strategy. Versus control corps, just money up and wait for them to put stuff in the remote, then Vamp. Or don't, both work. Versus asset decks acquire slums if necessary, and spend all your time trashing and making bank, but makes sure not to run into Architect. Versus kill, getting and recurring plascrete while hitting their hand with Maw should be easy if you have the willpower to resist the pressure they are putting on you. Sometimes you can go for early Medium digs with Temujin and Femme, sometimes you just control their board with slums and Maw.

The Games:

Day 1: 70 Person Swiss, 6 Rounds

Round 1 (Leah): A weird Spark deck just folds to Mopus. It didn't help that I trashed literally every remote they played. Nothing notable here, I just waited for agendas to pile up in HQ then ran it a bunch. Skorp owns, 2-0.

Round 2 (Noah @nobo): He’s on the San Fran CI deck (found here) and for a while I thought he was trying to Boom me so I was way to conservative. Once I realized he was going to combo after drawing his whole deck it was too late, I wasn't aggressive enough and a upgrade on HQ scared me away from the vamp plan. He comboed with 8 cards in deck. Skorp takes him by surprise. 3-1.

Round 3 (Phillip): Also on the CI deck, a bad MU for me. I just get some terrible luck on Medium digs in the mid game, but Phil played it well. There’s not much to say about these CI games, except how they end. Phil does this weird play where he clicks to draw then plays Tip with 8 cards in deck. I play some breakers then go in for a Medium dig for his whole deck of 4 cards, and see 3 cards and a SFSS. I last ditch run HQ, and hit the slightly better than 1/3 chance to win. Skorp wins even though he knows what I’m doing, 5-1.

Round 4 (Joe @sighence): Playing Brain Rewiring Hasty combo as I found out turn one when I stole a Brain Rewiring. After a long grindy game where i played around FC3 to never see one after clicking through one turn 2, I was able to put enough pressure on where he had to go for the combo with 7 cards left in deck, and milled a card he needed to draw with Hasty for the win, so he conceded after he ended up 2 credits short of killing me. Skorp does it’s thing vs an unsuspecting Hayley, 7-1.

Round 5 (Kyle @bluebird503): My matchups were good vs Kyle but we are friends and it just makes sense to ID rather than risk it. 8-2

Round 6 (Max): ID town again. 9-3. Ended up 3rd after swiss on sos.

Day 2: Top 16 Cut

Game 1 (Phillip): Chose to Skorp as our other side was too close during the swiss. The good matchup pays off, and I achieve victory. Explained in detail in corp writeup.

Game 2 (Clint @ramus): A super close game where I play control and Femme two Data Raven’s, but he trashes them and recurs them with Jackson. Finally I make a hige misplay and go tag me trying to get some RnD accesses through a Data Raven Pop Up Archangel Pop Up Turnpike server, and I can't hit the Archived out of hand with Maw even with a bunch of triggers, and I hit a Kitty and Food out of RnD, and he Archived for a EoI that I Mawed earlier. That along with the 4 2/1s he had already scored was 7.

Game 3 (Noah @nobo): I kept an hand of Opus Hacktivist Maw Clip and IHW. After facechecking the HQ and RnD ice, I play Opus and hit it. Over the next couple turns he struggles to keep enough credits to keep his hand as he Tips then clicks for creds every turn. First click turn 2 I IHW into Femme Yog and Vamp, so I know what the plan is now, pray he doesn't have reuse. I Opus up for a couple turns then hit him with the Vamp. He doesn't have it, and I pick up 6 points out of Archives. He then makes a desperation play of TarMar Clip to try and keep me out of Rnd, and I slam Hacktivist and fish the last agenda out of centrals.

Game 4 (Kris @tzeentchling): This was a loss covered in my corp writeup.


This was not the best choice for this tournament, but a Mopus anarch got second, so I think the meta is ripe for a deck like this to shine. It’s nothing too innovative, but it doesn't have any unwinnable matchups, and it is very good because of that. It’s a blast to play, would recommend for the future. If I could rewind time, I would play the Ayla combo deck that SF played, but I obviously didn't know about that. Congratulations to @Joseki for winning the event (lucksack doged my corp deck, shucks), but he put in the work and it paid off. Also to Clint for repping seattle and getting second. Also, thanks to @jakodrako for organizing and to @Wyrm for streaming the whole event. Most of all, thanks to the community for being great and all the people I met for being fun.