FRANTIC WHIZZ (BC Regionals 1st Place)

TrungusWungus 98




Almost a carbon copy of Frantic Whizzard from @SimonMoon. It had everything I loved for the meta, rushdown and so I picked it up and tweaked it very slightly. I felt this deck would be insanely strong against Moonbae as those decks tend to run low on ice and a Femme Fatale or two will do the trick in especially early game pressure where most agendas chill out in HQ. Later Vamping them and closing out the game on RND with Medium. This deck a blast to play minus the times when you play Frantic Coding and you hit... Nothing...

Always keep a hand with either Magnum Opus or Temüjin Contract. After establishing a fair credit count you start drawing like crazy and drop programs into the bin praying they leave archives open. I tend to play power turns where everything comes out at once where I Femme Fatale either HQ for a vamp or RND for Medium digs. Install over Femme with over programs to Retrieval Run them back for sick plays. Déjà Vu for Temüjin Contract for consistent running and for Maw to proc. Keep running, sit back and make 8 if you need to.

Swiss Round 1 Palana (@nelsormensch) My god was this match disheartening for my first match. The giraffes kept coming out and I couldn't keep up with his economy and had the chance to snipe an agenda from hand. Maw did a lot of work and decided to make the plan on RND. I prayed hard that he wouldn't defend RND as it was honestly my only way out as his remote was on solid lock down. I end up Femming a Macrophage... However that was apparently all I needed as it went down to either I scored the win on RND or he scored the turn after. It was an insanely close game though well played!

Round 2 Blue Sun (Brian) This was the only game I dropped. I think I Frantic'd into a Datasucker and milled both my Temmys which made me die a little inside. He scored out fair and square and played solidly, good game!

Round 3 Blue Sun (Matthew) Fairly standard where I was able to hit a Vamp early and forced him to rez ice on different servers doing my best to keep him poor. His oversight AI's never came till it was too late.

Round 4 Cheeky Elective HB (@nikovic) We decided to ID to grab a bite as stated on my Corp write-up. He came out on top of that so I guess we'll say I lost this round. GG


Double Elimination

Whizzard (Dave) Covered in Corp write-up

Palana (@nelsormensch) Nels is back with a vengeance except this time his giraffes don't show up as much as he would've liked and I was able to Vamp him down significantly for me to start going to town knocking him into the losers bracket where he makes his climb once again. His resilience scares me stiff, but he's hilariously fun to play with as well <3

ETF (Peter) I'm not sure this is truly an ETF deck. While it did have moon it didn't spam as hard as one. I ran into an architect and decided to run into it again letting it fire for my vamp to hit. After that Peter couldn't really recover enough from it in conjuction with recurring the Hacktivist to really put him in a choke. I hit a lot of point on RND after that and thought I had won after hitting the supposed last agenda. On closer inspection it was a Domestic sleepers and I flipped out. Found the agenda a little later in HQ where it was a 50/50. Sweet game :^ )

Hayley (@nelsormensch) Covered in Corp write-up

30 May 2017 sdxbbs

would you change anything ?

30 May 2017 TrungusWungus

@sdxbbs I think I would've traded in the two Ice Carvers for two Same Old things as that would've enabled more plays and since I only played it in one game. Datasuckers were more than enough.

30 May 2017 sdxbbs

ok. do you have any bad match up ?

30 May 2017 TrungusWungus

@sdxbbs I honestly think bad match ups would be anyone who is glacier, that would mean 3 ice on their servers. Otherwise I think Frantic Whizz has a very solid fighting chance against most people. You really have to look for the window where you can vamp them out or when they spend a bunch of credits and you hold them there.

30 May 2017 Anzekay

that's a good brain explosion meme, yessss