Everything (2nd place Professor at Euregio 43 Players)

Axul 389

After the Göttingen Regionals, i tried to keep Bitstream awake for our way back home while he was driving the car. So i started talking like: "Actually, Professor should be very good against your Meatseason NEH. Ill build it. Ill build it and bring it for the Euregio Tournament. I got nothing to lose, since i allready got my Nationals Bye. "

Then i talked to him about all the cards id love to include, which i always miss when facturing a kate deck.

So, after we partied hard last night at my sisters wedding, i brought the Professor to the Euregio Tournament today. (One of five qualifiers for German Nationals, additional to the regional tournaments, having lots of good players from germany, belgium and netherlands usually) And guess what? The deck went 4:2, i did some heavy missplays and still, the deck carried me through a lot of games so i went 2nd place with 18 points total.

The idea behind it is to run megasuperefficient while having a stable economy and controll.

All the problem i had in the games was not money wise, since i always got a first turn Magnum Opus with 3 Test Run, 3 Opus and 3 SMC. The problem was memory.

25 May 2015 whuppo

Ich habe keine Klingel an meinem Fahrrad.

25 May 2015 DrunkenGineer

Were there any programs that you didn't install for the entire day?

25 May 2015 Axul

Djinn and Deus.

Djinn cause i only drew him once, in a situation where i wouldnt get any use of it, and Deus cause i only had one matchup where i might have had use for him, but i was stuck with heavy memory problems in that match and had him in my Heap with two active Clone Chips. Turned out i didnt need him, since we ran into time in that matchup (against RP, ofc) and there was never a situation where i was close to dying., though he played Fetal and Snares and stuff like that.

25 May 2015 JAK

Sneakdoor seems like a must include here, just because of synergy with Nerve Agent. Maybe over Djinn? Failing that, as a 46th?

25 May 2015 Axul

Ye, i was thinking Sneakdoor too. In the end, i decided to cut it, but im still not sure it was a wise descicion. Its not like i tested this deck or stuff, i just brought it. ;-)

25 May 2015 DrunkenGineer

Would Leprechaun have been a good choice?

25 May 2015 Axul

I discussed that one too with bitstream. I dont like the idea of having to draw it first to be a solution for your memory problems. Same as Dinosaurus, its doesnt fit my style of play.

Lately, im glad i didnt bring it, as i hit a very good played weyland with power shutdown.

27 May 2015 krystman

Do you have 3 CyberSolutions Mem Chip because you want to draw into one early or because you want to install multiples? Because you might simply go with Tyson Observatory.

Having 1x Astrolabe seems like an odd choice. Aren't you worried that you draw it too late to make a difference?

28 May 2015 Axul

Well @krystman mister complete stranger sir, each memchip that i draw gives me more options so its good to draw more then one. But still paying three clicks and two credits to search for it seems so tough, so id probably not even test the Tyson Observatory. Deckspace is also a problem... For the Astrolabe, id play two if i had spare deckspace. One is just a jokercard, each effect on it is good and helps the deck, so drawing the first is always good, even in late game one credit for one memory helps.

8 Jun 2015 gammanet

did Utopia Shard pull its weight as you one influence?

also, to be THAT GUY, couldn't you rearrange this to just be a kate, or chaos theory deck?(replacing some of the high influence cards with in faction versions(Faerie for Sharpshooter, Medium for R&D Interfaces and such?

regardless, nice job with the Professor, always going to be among my favorite runners, even if there is usually a more consistent option.

29 Jun 2015 Axul

@gammanet Utopia Shard die some cool stuff combined with Imp, i brought it to be able to handle butcher shop better, which was played a lot that time. A one off stimhack would be another viable Option.

Yes, you could play a similar deck with kate. It would be more consistent overall. Less fun though. As i stated, i build a professor deck because i wanted to prove that its actually playable. I was talking to bitstream how i dont like actual kate builds cause they dont use imp, and why butcher shop it much stronger in the actual meta because of it. Professor can have all the answers, while kate really has problems with her influence. I dont think ill play it again at a tournament. But it was really fun to do so once.