CyberSolutions Mem Chip

CyberSolutions Mem Chip 4[credit]

Hardware: Chip
Influence: 2

+2[memory unit]

"CyberSolutions is a boring name for a company that makes pretty exciting products. Their memory chips have some pretty tricky stuff going on inside and I keep hearing good things about their M/MI implants. I even heard they were on the path to their own androids about a year ago. I wonder whatever happened with that?" -Kate "Mac" McCaffrey
Illustrated by Gong Studios
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Fear and Loathing (fal)

#86 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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Because you can always use more memory

With up to 3 copies of CyberSolutions Mem Chip installed a runner could potentially have 10 not counting additional from consoles or other factors. What could you do with such extra memory besides install lots of programs?


Power: Overmind and lots of extra represents an AI icebreaker that can really make use of all that extra (cards such as Aesop's Pawnshop & Déjà Vu or simpler yet use London Library to keep bringing it back to maintain the power with all the extra )

Strength: Sage is an example of a card that can have it's strength buffed significantly by lots of extra

Money: Data Folding allows the runner to gain back the 4 investment in CyberSolutions Mem Chip, then after 4+3 turns it's just extra income. To slightly accelerate the return on investment, installing up to 3 copies of Data Folding the runner could be making a net 3 per turn for no clicks. Additionally London Library allows the runner to "borrow" programs the grip at no install cost then choose to return the program to the grip before the end of the turn or trash it having extra memory opens up a wealth of combos with this in mind.

(Did I miss something obvious, I'd appreciate suggestions in the comments below, I may add it to this review)


Simple: As hardware, CyberSolutions Mem Chip simply does it's job, confers 2 and offers no compensatory negative effects or limitations in it's text. (Q-Coherence Chip I'm looking at you)

Harder to trash: Unlike resources or programs, as hardware CyberSolutions Mem Chip much safer from being targeted.


Not Cheap: At 4 to install, CyberSolutions Mem Chip is currently the most expensive chip available.

Extra : Pursuing an "unused memory" strategy does have a hard counter in Cortex Lock


At only 2 influence points, CyberSolutions Mem Chip is on the edge of being splash-able particularly considering that some of it's "unused memory" combo options are neutral at no influence cost. CyberSolutions Mem Chip deserves a consideration as one way (in addition many good consoles) to address memory issues in a deck, particularly Shaper decks... because as with today's tech toys, many decks can always use more memory!

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(Data and Destiny era)
4 base mu + 2 mu x 3 chips = 10 mu? I'm not sure where you are getting 11 mu unless you are adding these up with Chaos Theory or something. —
Yes, sorry. Forgot to put her in. —
I think you should just remove the Chaos Theory reference as you say "not counting additional mem from consoles or other factors." I would consider running Chaos Theory to be an "other factor". I would remove the reference to CT and change the max mem to 10. —
Under combo with Overmind, my strongest deck uses London Library to reset Overmind every turn. Its free subroutine breaking and can't be underestimated! —
Thanks forktines, yeah 10 MU is pretty good. CT is a commonly in decklists with CyberSolutions Mem Chip but I see that really there's no special synergy there, just more. —
Also London Library + Overmind combo would benefit from Memstrips more than from CyberSolutions Mem Chip. —
Of course, chom, but it still benefits, so... (and is in-faction). —
Thanks Lynx Kuroneko, your favorite card has been added to this review! —
It IS my favorite! <3 —
Hold on - the point of London Library is using Overmind to reset the counters gained from lots of MU! —
Lynx, Just to be clear, there is nothing inaccurate with the review, you last comment with continuing your conversation with chom right? —
I just think London Library should go under the Combos - Power section, along with Overmind. —
Lynx Kuroneko, no problem I've added to that section as well. —