Blue Sun Paradise

bdistracted 1

1 Jun 2015 FarCryFromHuman

Breaker Bay Grid + Adonis Campaign doesn't work with Blue Sun. If the rez cost of a card is 0, your on turn start ability gives you 0.

3 Jun 2015 bdistracted

Oh, I guess that makes sense. But how would you keep track of that? I realize most often there isn't a ton of things going on as far as servers but that could get confusing keeping track of what actual cost to rez was, especially if something was used to reduce cost that was discarded such as an operation.

3 Jun 2015 FarCryFromHuman

It's a mechanic that, previous to Blue Sun, only mattered at the moment you needed to rez something. At that moment you just count up any effects, add them to the base rez cost, pay the amount, and then forget. All Blue Sun does is add an additional trigger for that math. At the moment you recall a card, you gain the result of the same math instead of spending it. Of all the things that Netrunner requires you to keep track of, this is a pretty tame example. Keeping track of is way worse, and really needs tokens. ICE strength is a running total and can be annoying to track. It's just something you deal with to play this awesome game.